Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fixed website, blogging, and comments.

There's this guy at work that has an almost zero-inch monitor at home on his laptop from the 1970s or some such and he complained that when viewing my blog from my website: which is a bit nicelierly formatted, that there are two scrollbar windows (because I used an i-frame) and that he doesn't like to have to log in to shite or register with anything to leave a comment here or there.

I fixed this!

Now, the blog viewed is one-at-a-time within the window (the scrollbar is still present but is maxxed-out so it doesn't do anything and can be ignored) so you only have one scrollbar.  Also, as an added benefit, on top of the page I've created a simple link on top of the web page next to the NEW button so that you can comment on the current blog by clicking it and then scrolling down and clicking "0 COMMENTS". 

Update:  I think you can do this without having to click the link webpage so you can go right to "0 comments" directly..  Works for me.  Please try it and see if it works, otherwise, you'll have to pick the link next to the rotating NEW button.

You can type whatever you want using whatever freakin' DVORAK keyboard you have from the 1970s and then log in as ANONYMOUS or you can pick a username or URL handle or an AIM (for those America Online 1970s users) or a half-dozen other options.  Anonymity never tasted so good.  Enjoy my blog, gloryhole style.  Bazinga.


  1. See, it works. I'm pretending to be anonymous, or Abbey Normal, or whoever. But.. it's ME, Mike Cronis! Bazinga!

  2. Seems to work without having to click the link next to the rotating NEW button above. You can click just "comments" under the blog and it takes you where you need to go and you can type away, then Select Comment as: "Select profile.." scrolldown as Anonymous. Good.

  3. Huh huh, gloryhole style. Bazinga, indeed.

    Works just fine for me.

    Yay...We Won! (Dramatic pause, for effect.) We won!