Thursday, July 31, 2014

Do You Even InterGoogles?

   First-off, I find it horrifying that so few people have any internet presence in this day-and-age.  I'm confused why every individual doesn't have their own internet page.  It certainly was headed that way back in 1996 with Geocities and Angelfire.  I was certain everyone in America was learning HTML coding at that time.  Why doesn't everyone have their own webpage?  Are people that lazy?

  After a little research I realized that people prefer low-quality iTunes and would be content to have a Facebook or FourSquare account and be done with it in the same way people had MySpace accounts back in 2005 (which is another horrifying ghost-town of a site with poor "Tom" all by himself, having converted to an odd, Windows 8 scheme that no one likes, further alienating itself from reality).  For all the time people pull unoriginal content and shove it on FB it's rather unimpressive people don't have their own sites using YahooSiteBuilder or whatever, but I also find most folks aren't that creative or interested (or interesting).  It's not 1989.  There's no excuse for not "understanding computers" but I find those that say this also balk at their car's beatification-engine-cover, fussing that "engines now-a-days are too hard and all computers".  They are indeed not.  There's still spark-plugs, alternators, and pulleys, and air and oil-filters, and cam-shafts, fans, etc.  You're just chicken to take that pull-able piece of plastic off and get your hands dirty.  Lazy cowards.  It's THE SAME.  The only thing different is the fuel-injectors have computer-timing that can be accessed via the OBDII port under the steering-wheel with a simple tool instead of a strobe-light from 1972 (though, I must admit, 1972 strobe-lights are still pretty bad-ass).

  A lot of jokes are made on the expense of older folks not understanding the internet, particularly those in their 40s.  I myself am firmly planted in the mid-40 group so I am the target here as being the dad-age of those 20-somethings that insult the elderly.  Fine, fine.  Generation Zeros, bring it on!  PLEASE!  At least show some fight!

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  I sit with rather intelligent kids in their 20s at work.  It's what I do and it's my job.  While sitting with them, they may try to look up some interesting information using the Inter-Googles (my fun vernacular for Google search on the internet, and yes, I made this up last year so I get the nerd-cred for that).  These kids, however, struggle with it!  They can't put in words that might be keys to search for the hash that is what they're looking for.  Say, for instance, they're looking to buy a new helmet for their motorcycling at Helmets Are Us website I used to go 10 years ago and I recommended it.  Well, a quick search indicates the website has been bought-out by a smaller company that sucks, and main searches for good helmets are now RevZilla or or "New".  It's pretty apparent as the smaller company went on-the-cheap and have a 1994-looking website that looks like it was created by a 12-year-old for a final-project in junior-high-school.  This stumped the G-Zero kid for an hour.  It wasn't that they were really, really trying to find, just that an internet search for a motorcycle helmet was almost beyond them, and this person was an acclaimed internet geek.  Sigh.  Par for the course in this generation of Apple users who "just want things to work" instead of using their mind to get it to work.  Internet retarded.  My sampling I endure is, I expect, par-for-the-course normally.  People stopped learning about computers and just gave up sometime.  Gen-Zero.

 A Craigslist search for a type of car was beyond the scope of another 22 year old who knew about Craigslist and used it, but couldn't figure out how to find a specific model, make, and engine type without my help.  Really?  These are keyword searches!  Easy-peasy!

Current Gen-Zero "edgy" warrior.

  All of these proclaimed Gen-Zero computer-savvy kids are pathetic.  They don't program or code or have a "we'll meet you halfway" website-toolkit development program, nor any personal website.  Oh, sure, they've got a FB account, whoop-de-freakin' dooooooooo.  My mom has a FB account and she's .. well, let's just say, "older".

  The internet is not HARD people!  Stupid Gen-Zero lazy-ass dopes!  Ugh.  So frustrating.  It shows in the music too.  Have you heard the vaginal music that "rocks" the top-20?  No edge whatsoever.  Iggy Azalea?  Really?  That's as edgy as it gets?  Rock music had an edge in 1987.  Rap was getting pretty hardcore about 10 years later as well, no longer the family-friendly "Humpty Hump".  Rock and metal was become quite edgy about 10 years ago in 2004 with "Scream-o" rising-up in popularity, actually a bit earlier, then.. what happened?  Emo took-over and bands like Nightwish and Asking Alexander became the norm, and it got softer.. and softer.. and softer.. now it's just pathetic, without bite, without edge.  This reminds me of the early 1970's with Cat Stevens and songs like The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald except without the depth (pun intended) of it.  Soft soft soft.  Unimpressive.  All selfish music now.

Quote from Galdalf of The Hobbit: The War of Five Armies (2014)


Still, that time in history yielded to harder rock later in the mid-70s like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC and VanHalen, Iron Maiden, and Rush.  Maybe we're on a cold-front before a great heat-wave?  I better finish my album I'm working on.  We need Snake Plissken.

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