Saturday, July 30, 2011

Comment section BRO-KEN and Zombies.

Google Blogger is a bit new and the comment section puts users in an infinite loop with a little red rectangle (thanks to Antonio on that one).  I sent an email to Google to fix the issue.  If you want to comment, I can add it if you comment on my email section and I'll post it as your name.

A little bit on the Zombie section.  Again, a lot of folks like to brain-dump when they watch movies I guess.  I do the exact opposite.  Someone asked me why I over-analyze movies so much.  It's because I LOVE movies.  It's probably one of my most favorite things in the Universe!  I love 'em tons!  I savor every bit of it.  Every nuance.  Means so much to me.  YES I enjoy the movies a LOT.  I cherish period accuracy, great acting and character development, gripping me into involvement as if I'm actually THERE.  Characters coming up with solutions to problems and plausible reality with a smattering of suspension of disbelief (Ninjas teleporting by smoke-bomb for instance.. well, they're ninjas.. or spaceship fighterjets banking in a dogfight (it's somewhat possible.. you can make a circle on an etch-a-sketch after-all).  The Zombie rating is for those that turn their brains OFF during the movie for sheer enjoyment.  I turn mine on to 11.  It's why I can't sleep while watching a movie.. EVER, even if it's a slow sappy love-story.  Zombies love big badda boom, and Audi A6 cars spinning in air while the passenger shoots out the window, then lands it at 50 feet vertical, complete CGI-gasm.  Not my bag, baby.  Now if a stunt-guy pulls this off, it's physically possible, and therefore much better, and great kudos to the stunt-driver (see the movie Bullit 1968 (arguably best car chase movie of all time).


  1. Okay, it seems to work fine now, but you have to pre-log-in to Google first and click the checkbox (stay logged in forever) on the first time. After that, it should be fine from then-on.

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