Sunday, July 6, 2014

You Bet Your Life

The iconic TV show, You Bet Your Life was a TV staple back from 1947 to 1961 hosted by Groucho Marx.  Everybody watched this show.  This particular episode gets more and more interesting as it goes.  For a taste of 1953 (before Hawaii or Alaska were even US states yet, there was only 48 states at the time, and therefore 48 stars on the flag!!) watch this amusing game show over cereal.  Be advised, the very first Corvette was built just a few months prior to this airing on December 31, 1953.  The characters are very interesting, actually.  Watch how the second male puts his hand in his pocket like a gangster for obvious reasons.  Love the new automatic DeSoto Firedome V8 commercial, an iconic American car company dissolved in 1960 in a bad move by Chrysler notoriously, eventually bought by the Turkish company Askam.  DeSoto trucks are still made today under that name, now called AS for Askam/DeSota similar to "Bejing/Jeep" uses the AMC logo.


There will be a new segment called the GB Diaries: Tales from the Dip coming up tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy this iconic and feisty New Year's Eve episode.


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