Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ISIS: America's Sweetheart

Howdy, y'all!
Casey is all like, "Whaaaaat?"
  So, no longer is Casey Anthony "America's Sweetheart".  She just sort of "disappeared" into the crowd of Andy Warhol 15-minute-famous (or infamous) souls.  Seems this rather unimpressive organization loosely calling themselves "ISIS" is the buzzword these days.  They're pretty retarded and a rather small terrorist organization with no real structure.  They took the "credit" for attacking Paris recently, though I have a very strong feeling it's very much not ISIS at all.  It doesn't fall into their warped mental capacity. 
Real threat of ISIS.. MEW!
Jager-Bombs, y'all!
   It occurred during a "metal" concert by the California band, Eagles of Death Metal, which is a mostly-defunct, rather shitty and unimpressive groove-rock band similar to Grand Funk Railroad (think "We're an American Band") though not as polished or coordinated with really bad post-engineering work seemingly done by a high 18 year-old high-school dropout from Fresno.  The band looks like the cast of Mythbusters but not as charismatic.  Lucky for them, the incident caused a huge popularity for them and increase in YouTube views by the millions because, "Who the heck is EoDM anyway?"  Embarrassing publicity.
THIS band.  Cheer these men!  Ugh.  Horrible.
  ISIS is so in-the-news lately, to their benefit.  They've become the new "America's Sweetheart" and the Media feeds that fire, because fear sells, and they get credibility like the Knights Who Say, "Ni".  You give the value of "Ni" (like the word "nigger") value and fear and credibility.  If you allow words to control you, you're weak-minded.  It's a word.  It's a word, kids.  Stop it, all of you!  You're feeding the virtual "troll".
Is it hot in here?  Has anyone seen my couch?
Tu aimes ce que tu vois?
  A lot of guys on FB are putting French solidarity images on their faces.  Well, that's nice.  Completely impotent, like Californian high-school cheerleaders trying to "Save the Whales" back in the 1980's, then moving on to an "Anti-Fur" campaign the next week, but whatever.  Silly and impotent.  Join the frackin' French Foreign Legion if you want to make a difference, or vote for a Republican who will fund the military efforts instead of take-away much-needed military supplies from troops who actually need them.  Look into that if you're ignorant on that topic.
Hayden gets it.
"Suicide" vest if you wear it to work.
  Several were killed by a handful of suicide-vest-bombers.  I never understood the benefit of that.  Seriously.  I mean, you have such a small amount of followers, these terrorists.  You think that they'd try to keep a good amount alive.  I sometimes think it's an act of severely retarded desperation like the Japanese told pilots they'd be given official "samurai"-status and given cheap, aluminium swords if they "kamikaze'ed" down into US destroyers and carriers during WW-II.  None were honored as-such, nor did their families given the promised land, etc.  Lies. 
More like, "Hory Kamikaze!"  Ching CHOW!
  It's easy to corrupt those down on their luck, and governmental agencies (or any agency) will take advantage of that like wolves.  Watch The Devil and Daniel Mouse or its counterpart Rock & Rule by Nevile Studios for an example (the former interestingly main-character portrayed by Debbie Harry of Blondie).
  Further attacks were at a sports-stadium and a restaurant making some vague coordination.  I wonder if the guys that "blew up" were like some nerdy Mr. Bean like character, or some off-guy like from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe character from the "3rd Space Ark", an undesirable, goofy fellow that they could "spare" for the "cause" and be revered later (unlikely).
Larry "Wildman" Fischer LP
  ISIS wasn't to blame, at least I don't think so, but America (and often the world) needs to focus on one simple "bad guy" like Hitler or what-have-you (though even that was far more complex than the supervillian concept a lot of guys think).  I do suspect a Islamic focus though, a smaller sub-faction splinter-cell group operating in France.  There's a lot of those.  A lot.  Thousands.  Thousands of groups.  Anarchists sullying the name of Islamic beliefs, which, in whole, are not as insane and evil as they're being made out to be.  Shame, using religion as an excuse, suckers buying into it without understanding the real message of "good" in any religion.  I see it everywhere. 
You are HEALED, sucker!
  Mega-churches in the US as money-laundering monsters affecting people with good-intentions.  It's all pretty corrupt.  I myself am not against religion, I'm against the monopoly of it, the control of it, the corruption in the system.  I'm against the manipulation of people with good hearts, innocent (at least initially) of a better world of "good" but there are those wolves that prey on the innocent and have sharper minds to manipulate and control psychologically. 
What actually happened... in WW-II
  As for the mega-churches, I've known a few that have gone and participated.  They seem nice enough folks, not realizing they're being used in some way, or if they do, they don't mind too much because it's for a better cause, but that's just the start.  I've seen people get whipped-up in a froth about religion for the wrong reasons by charismatic preachers in all types of churches: Pentecostal, Protestant, even Catholic.  All faiths are pretty simple, but some have enigmatic and manipulative leaders.  I warn everyone to beware of that.
This is a little "too much" Jesus for me... just sayin'...
My solution?
  Seriously, if you want to make a difference, buy someone an ice-cream cone.  No good is made from blowing somebody up.  You'd be surprised what a nice ice-cream cone can do.
  Let's start with that and see where it goes..
Oh.. here's your cheesecake cutie...
Bree Olson just found-out she's HIV-negative!  Celebrate with ice-cream!  Thanks Charlie Sheen!
and one for the ladies...
You want some ice-cream?  I brought a spoon..  It's zero-calories.. but I'm sinful!
and one for the.. others... wot?! 
OUT, suckers!

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