Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love Alive

Heart's album Little Queen well known for it's edgy 1977 song, Barracuda
  Worked on the instrumental portion of Heart's song Love Alive off of the album, "Little Queen" 1977.  There's actually quite a bit going on in the original version and it's quite busy.  This is the first song I actually performed the percussion on my own using real shakers, triangles, and what-not (well, okay, one triangle).  The drums are 24-bit digital drums, but it's still hard to play, particularly the aboriginal toms.
  There's a lass that has volunteered to accomplish vocals when she can get to it, and apparently is apt at flute for the required parts, but my work is about done on it except for minor tweeks per request.

Ann and Nancy were playing on a medieval bard theme on this one.

  Anyway, enjoy the sample in MP3 format on my website: as well as the original live recording.  I think I got pretty close, all by myself.  I added a little sass here and there, as a bard should to make it my own, of course.  I hope I didn't summon too many unicorns.

Ann Wilson in 1977

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