Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I'm disappointed in you, Colorado, though my county voted well..

Obama supporters
and Cleveland, Ohio?  Enjoy this lady's eloquent commentary.

   Sigh...  No one wants to take pride in ownership of things they've earned?  Has America stooped to this new low?  I'm dumping all my stocks in the morning, and transferring them to Chinese stocks.  Hopeless.  Just hopeless...

  As it stands now, I'm due for unemployment due to Bamageddon on January 1st..  The USAF kids got nearly a 0% raise this year, and it might even go down.  As for me.. well, I can always work at a cellphone store selling 'Bama Phones I guess.

That's right, Mike.  Once you offer a phone, then we can talk about getting you elected!


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