Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stocks Nose-Dive

  I warned people about it, of course.  A massive sell-off before the Capital Gains Tax doubles 1 Jan.  This means people investing in stocks eventually sell, have to pay 23.5% taxes (on already income-taxed money) versus 13%.  To just break-even, you have to make a 23.5% (plus brokerage fees, banking transaction fees, etc.) on each sell!  Who's making 23.5%?!!! 

  For the new-to-stocks, it'd be like having a mandatory negative 23.5% interest rate in a savings account.  Want a savings account that might make a random percentage?  Fine, fine, but just in case, we're taking 23.5% OUT when you withdrawl, no-questions-asked.  What?  You only made 15% intrest on your money while it was in those last 5 years?  No problem.  You still pay 23.5%.

  Why buy stocks in American companies?  It's a losing proposition now, and the economy will suffer for it, just so Obama can squeeze a few more pennies out for the free "Obama Phone".  Personally, I can't afford a cell-phone, but hey, then again, the middle-class is again fracked.  Why?  The rich figure tax-holes to escape paying taxes, the poor get money back and get free "Bama Phone".  Middle-class?  Well, you're the guys that PAY the taxes.  Enjoy.

  Who's making 23.5% or MORE on stocks? Well, some people are.  I am on a few stocks, but mostly not, so to get-in on the low-tax crime Obama has implemented, everyone's saving 10.5% by dumping now.  I'd probably wait until the last week in December to buy anything, personally. 

McKayla is not impressed.. and Obama is not impressed with himself.

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