Monday, May 6, 2013

The Journey: Epilogue

  So instead of giving the journey description in-order, I'm going to tell the ending, because a lot of my readers go to the end of the comic book so I'll oblige, then backtrack.  It was quite an adventure, including a WWII veteran, a flood, two hick boys in a garage in Iowa, and.. a giant wheel of cheese.

Click picture to see 8 pound wheel of cheddar close-up

  The car is got, and not without its pesky starting issues (more on that when I do Part 2) but it handles like a dream.  There's no exhaust-note to speak of, barely perceptible, not all raucous like people say, and the ride itself is anything but harsh.  Softer than a limo-ride with that magnetic-ride control in "Tour" mode (more on that in Part 3).

  So anyway, here's the pics.  I washed and waxed her this morning before work, and detailed the gray interior (now it's black because the plastics were starving for it, I suspect in the year "Rosie" has been alive no one has given any TLC interior-wise.)  No, I won't be taking her to work this afternoon as it's going to rain (when I wax a car, it immediately rains, as everyone who knows me.. knows..) plus the wax has to melt and crystallize in the garage overnight, as well as the plastics to absorb the Maguire's NXT Nex-Gen goo.  I used Mother's Brazilian Wax Job for the wax and it likes to sit overnight, first in a hot garage, then melt, then when it gets to 32 degrees tonite, it'll become like a force-field.

Enjoy... (click one to start slideshow of the 2012 Centennial Edition Grand Sport Corvette (with NPP 2-stage exhaust)  (story to come)...

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