Monday, August 12, 2013

Thank you subscribers!

What?  Mike Cronis is posting again!  SCORE!

  Dear Subscribers,

  Well, to disallow folks on Google Blogger such that only subscribers can read is a bit of a PITA as you have to add email addresses for each member after they subscribe; also, a lot of readers I know gave me some kickback as to that they demand anonymity when they read (for whatever reason, because a lot of them own a Facebook account which is the polar-opposite of that, as FB openly admits they send all your information, given or otherwise, of your location [thereby your address, shopping places, events you're at, work (lazy folks)] of comments and posts and sends that data to government agencies (of several nations), companies who want your business (say hello to sudden junk-mail), spammers with money (say hello to Nigerian princes in need of cash, though interestingly, Liam Neeson fell for that recently), computer-nerds who copy-paste the dreaded Alureon.gen!A virus (I recently contracted it, and it scans your PC for bank-account information and sits in the root-partition and also in the drive's first sector as the first thing it loads after the BIOS and took me 3 hours to battle, and yeah, MacAfee doesn't help that one.. yeah.. gotta do it manually).

  So.. I'll just keep on bloggin' to everyone's content, though I'm keeping spammers out by making someone log in to something before posting because I was getting a UK spammer (who I called Master Yoda due to the bad grammar) putting entries from several years ago daily by the dozen.  You can still comment but you have to have a Google Blogger style account, or AIM, WordPress, or some such like Google Plus, which most folks have nowadays anyway. 

  Upcoming blogs will include my Rush concert experience in Denver and the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas yesterday I went to and how I personally pissed-off William Shatner by asking him to do something he didn't want to, then making my haggle-persuade saving-throw and having him do it anyway to Kate Mulgrew's wink and a chuckle.  Ho baby.

Stay tuned.

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