Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Call to Arms

Hyper-Self-absorbed David Lee Roth with Eddie van Halen (right) thinks this blog is about him.
  This is a bit of a self-commercial, sadly, and a bit self-absorbed.  I've noticed that only a handful of folks actually subscribe to this blog, though I get about 30 or so readers for each one, which is a rather sad audience.  I've noticed some of my older blogs get a lot of decent hits, such as my "Best Movies Of the Decade" series.  I fully intend on doing a "Best Animated Movies Of the Decade" soon, though it takes a bit out of me to try, I'll give it my best.

  I need some more hits though.  Perhaps some of you readers could look back at the previous some odd 400 blog posts and recommend one or two of them to some pals?  Perhaps they'd subscribe.  It's not like I'd go out of business like the famed Rocky Mountain News or Sports Car International Magazine and stop publishing stuff, it's just I'd like a few more subscribers (as it's free and all, you know).  So if you like my content, I'd like a bit more readers to make it worth my while.

Artwork from the 1978 motion picture, Watership Down, the Nazi-esque warren of rabbits fearing the rabbit-god Efrafa.

  To subscribe, you need to go onto Google and sign-in to Google Plus (again, free) and create a basic account.  Unlike quasi-evil (okay, downright evil) FaceBook, you don't have to post pictures, give your whereabouts, etc. with Google +, you just have to create an account (though I must admit uploading a small avatar for your account is nice.  Your FB profile picture would do just nicely to keep things internet-tidy).  I'm not promoting Google Plus in this way.  Though it's arguably far superior to FB and Twitter it's a lot less "sell-your-info-to-the-highest-bidder-weekly" kinda thing, and those who get any junk-mail can probably trace it back to FaceBook pretty easily, both physical and e-mail.

The "black riders" at the Inn at Bree in Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings motion picture 1978 about to kill the sleeping hobbits.

  Still, creating a Google Plus account is quick and easy and doesn't require a lot of customizing, though there's a few light options for that if you're inclined, and GMail is superior to other email engines out there anyway as you get that service free and does a fantastic job blocking spam naturally.

The film Gay Purr-ee shown in theaters in 1962, it's bleak outlook returned relatively poor reviews as America wasn't ready for the dark subject matter in a cartoon musical of all thingsThe female cat, Musette played by Judy Garland, is trying to avoid sent henchmen from being sold into prostitution in Paris.  Hint: She doesn't escape.
  I'd like ten total subscribers before I continue any further, however, as the crowd is too thin.  If you like my stuff, recruit someone and I'll press onward.  I'll also do a blog on whatever you like, both pro and con (or either or both, your choice).  Please call-out to friends on your social media sites and recommend a few blogs that you enjoyed over the years.

Nudge-nudge sketch, (aka Candid Photography)  first aired October 19th, 1969 on Monty Python's Flying Circus and is still hilarious.  I was 47 days old then.  You can see the top 10 sketches if you click this link.

  Until then, I'm going to attend to my vineyard and work on the legalities of my self-produced album.

Tom Baker (as Dr.Who in the eponymous series 1974-1981) making a rare appearance on a PBS American pledge-drive, very common in the '70s and '80s.  What's significant here is that the British actor is pledge-driving for an American channel.  The British ongoing series Dr.Who has been running from 1963-1985 and then 2005-present).  Personally, I prefer the 1963-1985 time-frame, but then again, I'm nerdy.


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