Friday, October 4, 2013

Why America's in a Pickle


  Some of you in Colorado Springs may have noticed that everyone is suddenly unemployed, well, a lot of folks anyway.  People flooding WalMart?  Yep.  Panic sale.   This is because Obama got elected.  Let me be more specific.

Okay, I'm listening...

  So the gov'mint has stopped.  You may be asking yourself why?  What's goin' on?  Well, here's the deal.  The "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act", aka "Obamacare" can't be afforded unless taxes go through the roof.  Now, everyone wanted free health care but that's not what the PPACA (Obamacare) is all about.  I'm all for free health-care, as socialist as it may be.  It'd be nice to just go into a hospital and get health care as-needed.  Everybody wants this in the US, even at a good tax-hike cost.  Seriously.  Obamacare is NOT this, however, and he's sold it to the poverty-stricken and unintelligent as this is what "Obamacare" is all about, and the dumber democrats out there are confused and think those against Obamacare are evil.  Arguably, anyone keeping folks away from FREE HEALTH CARE is evil.  Yes.  I agree.  Obamacare is not free health-care.   IT IS NOT!  Obamacare is mandatory purchase of health-insurance.  Now that might seem like a good thing, but those who have health-insurance know it's a crock.  Those that can't afford it are given a very basic, low-brow health-insurance subsidized by the government.  This might seem like a good thing, but very few folks will be allowed to get the free insurance.  Indeed, there will be a slight fee for everyone, though the subsidization (government paying for a portion of it) is rather still expensive, and companies also have to subsidize it based on how many employees they have working full-time.  Still, workers will have to mandatorily buy health-insurance, even minimum-wage employees.  Freeloaders will get a good percentage for, well, seemingly free, but it'll come out of any kind of stipend-paycheck they normally receive (aka social security checks, etc.) little do they realize, so their income will be significantly less, as much as 50% less.  I myself would MUCH rather have FREE health care than mandatory requirement to buy health-insurance that covers almost nothing.

  Problem is, a lot of folks are going to default on this and get free(ish) health care of which the government can't afford with the current tax-rate which will have to double to pay for as of 1 October (a few days ago).  Everyone's paychecks in the US will be cut by about 30% to cover for this to make it work.  Worse still, those that have health-insurance know the health-insurance companies make a deal with the hospitals so that the actual cost of, say, fixing a broken leg, which is normally about $10k now costs $100k and the insurance-deductible is $10k that the patient has to pay.  This is a big crock but it makes the health-insurance companies filthy rich for doing nothing and helping no one.  I went to the dentist to get a cleaning.  It cost me $100.  The final bill was $980 of which "health insurance" paid $880.  I asked how much it'd have cost me if I didn't have insurance.  You know how much it would have cost?  $90.  Yep.  Total rip-off.  So.. mandatory health-insurance is a bunch of crap.

  Let me put it this way to explain why the government is at a standstill.  So currently, imagine Obama has a bunch of credit-cards and they're all maxed-out right now.  No one is getting paid.  He sees a Mercedes and wants to buy that on credit too, but the Republicans are like, "Hey, uh, sure, but maybe you could pay off one of those 1000 credit cards first?"  Democrats are like, "Hell no!  Charge everything and pay nothing!"  Republicans are like, "Um.. could you pay one of those off, maybe?"  Nope.  Worse still, the Mercedes he wants to buy is a beat-up, used one from the '70s and doesn't have an engine.. and there's no lay-away.  Republicans want to create a lay-away plan, maybe making some provisions so that we can slowly ease our way into this system.  Obama's all like, "No way!  Let's charge it!  I have bad credit!  Let's go!"

<--- the f*ck-you Mike Cronis dance.

  Well, because of this, a lot of my buds at work are now unemployed suddenly.  Several jobs are just stopped.  Hundreds of thousands of people are unemployed.  The "Commissaries" (aka food stores) on military bases are all now closed and in a military town this is madness.  Things are really bad here in C.Springs.  Imagine Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.  We've built one such dome for a makeshift judicial system already.  Currently, Master Blaster is running Barter Town.  What we need is just a Raggedy Man with a V8 to save the day.  Lots of folks are just wandering, unsure what to do.  No one can pay bills now.  We're screwed.  Democrats won't budge, and Obama's causing my friends to be unemployed.

  Luckily, if I'm let go, the Earth's satellites will crash into the White House if left unattended so there are some emergency provisions for that.  I left the USAF in 2008 so that I could maintain my rather marketable (though not as well-paying) job as a space-operator instead of being an administrative guy (which are usually dumped first).  Win.  God save us. 

  Thanks a lot, Obama.  You've shaken things up quite a bit.  Let's see what happens next.

Obama, reading my blog.

Note* Incidentally, this is all opinion and not pure fact, but it's fun to over-react.

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