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  This is it!   My 500th post, and just over 100k viewers!  I'd have to say (and quote in a rough, New Yorkan accent akin to a manager who smokes 4 cigars a day and on his fifth like Jimmy Durante's dad) "It's been one helluvah ride, Baby!"

  I deliberated on what to write, then I came down recently with a pretty wonkin' cold I'm still trying to get over.  I thought it'd be nice to just post all the pictures in-order I've posted over the years as a sort of memoir, but there's literally (at last check, to include the above: 7414 images).  That'd make for quite a large post, and most folks would only scroll down a few hundred before giving up.

I have to thank GB for my incredibly increased Klout Score.  Dance with me, GB!!!

  So instead, I decided to write about a growing concern with the US Constitution's Amendments.  Some can be "repealed" or "deleted" (such as the right to bear arms, which was originally intended for bears to vivisect humans for experimentation by tearing their limbs off, as is tradition) but I'm very concerned with voting. 

  Recently, we've seen a landslide towards the Republican party as a whole in Congress, which will obviously stagnate anything Obama wants to try.  It's my belief that their efforts will create a complete freeze on anything actually getting done as they hold the majority vote and anything they can do to make the Democratic party look like the chumps that they are will be accomplished. 

Mamma-B with Kitty-B and GB.

Dragging Congressional feet will certainly impotent America on-purpose.  Now, the Rep's aren't completely to blame, the Dem's have also been doing this strategy for decades, so it's nothing new, really.  I have an uneducated suspect there will be at least one governmental shutdown in the next 2 years.  Still, Americans vote for the "popular guy" or vote randomly.  Most don't do the research, and more often than not, voters think one way but vote another.  Oh, a strong military?  Doesn't the Democratic party do that?  Sure, I'll vote that way.  Nope.  Sorry.  Fail.  It's why we're sending troops to "fight" Ebola in Africa.  Military wives are to blame for condemning their husbands.  Great job (thumbs up!)  WIN! 

I have rather liberal socialistic views on the world but rather conservative views on how money is apportioned, especially with checks and balances at the end-of-the-day.  The US government's check-book is a bit sketchy down-to-the-penny as-it-were, and a lot of folks who are able to do some kind of work collect a suspicious amount of governmental handout, either as an apology to "damaged goods" as is a US Veteran, or having a rather dubious ailment prohibiting getting a "legal" (ahem) "job".  I know quite a number of US Veterans who seem quite capable but collecting quite a bit of income.  What's up with that?  Hey, did you kids know that active-duty military have to pay income tax just like you from their base-pay?  Yep!  WIN!

That's why if you're active-duty you marry active-duty so you don't deal with this annoyance.

   Say, for instance, one has a bad foot and gets a
disability check, but I see that person walking quite freely, running, skiing, roller-blading, etc. and quite obviously not in any pain and not wearing any prosthetic device.  Makes me go.. Hmmm...  I guess it's hard to turn away free money instead of declining it honorably.  Every man has his limits I guess as to what's morally correct, even if that limit is zero, then says they love their country, sucking it dry personally.

  Ah, but this little tidbit is not the scope here.  I could harass on this for hours, looking squinty-eyed at government-money pocketeers with scrutiny as they wave their arms talking about family importance, self-importance, and that they deserve it.  Sure, bud.  That legless soldier deserves it, sure.  You snore at night and you get the same 50% and a handicap placard?   Hm.. Mayyybeeee.... I dunno.  Too tough for me to call.  I'd say there's a bit of "abuse in the system" as it were.  No one would disagree, even those who collect hypocritically (and oh, baby, there's quite a few).

  Today's topic, instead, is a hot one, and that's Homosexual Suffrage.   Back before 1973 (not that long ago) the American Psychiatric Association declared homosexuality no longer as a mental disorder, but we all know that this is not true yet.  Before then, homosexuals were collected like fancy butterflies in large nets and taken to wondrous psychiatric locations such as Bedlam.

  It is to my delight to announce a proposal to have Congress create an Amendment to the US Constitution that these "madmen" homosexual creatures be allowed the right to vote, hence "homosexual suffrage" with the following caveat:  As long as a homosexual shows intelligence and is fit "of the mind" the vote should be allowed to count.  Someone with a mental disorder could not righteously vote as they are not "of sound mind", understandably.  Several states disallow the mentally handicapped to be able to actually "vote" but I say that since the APA has indicated in 1973 (and the WHO in 1990) that they are mentally fit and not insane, that we give these little fellas a chance... AS LONG AS they vote Republican.

Because when you look at this gay-pride parade participant, you think "sane".

  Here's why:  If a homosexual votes Republican then it is obvious they are of sound-mind and not swayed by a "popular, trendy-seeming" presidential candidate, instead looking at historical facts and how a Democratic Utopian/Tyranny of rewarding the failures in life and punishing those who worked hard by way of tax.  Indeed, all Democratic votes are to be thrown away by homosexual voters due to a lack of mental clarity.  I mean, if you think about it; if you really THINK about it, it makes sense.  It's actually refreshing to allow homosexuals to actually prove their mental capacity by voting Republican and become a working and valuable citizen of America.

  This new amendment will be called Amendment XXIX and will replace Amendments XV and XIX because we all know how that turned-out.  We can all agree that those two were on a "trial-basis" anyway, and, quite frankly, didn't work-out. 

What do you mean, Mike?  Worked for me!
  While we're there, we can change XXVI to make the legal age of voting 30 years old, because 30 is the new 18, as anyone under age 30 really doesn't have any basis of a formulated or valid opinion yet and is often like talking to a two-year-old.


  Amendment XXIX is part of a "beatification" act which will also repeal Amendment IV "Search and Seizure" to assist on the War on Drugs Campaign as drug dealers use that Amendment as a loophole, as well as the ratification of Amendment II, because why are you trying to play God, anyway?

  Ah, so there you have it, kiddies!  Voting starts TODAY!  HAPPY 500th!  Hope you enjoyed the controversy.  I suspect you'll all agree with me.  YAY!  Vote Obama 2016!

I'll get right on those Amendment changes, Mike Cronis!  Happy 500th!


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