Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blue Box


  So that last blog was a doosie, right?  I'll have you all know I DO NOT really have those opinions, removing all civil rights from folks?  That's just cray-cray!  I just wanted to make a point.  To make you all THINK!  You see, the US Constitution is variable.  It is no holy document, though some would make it out to be that way.  It can be amended and it can have those amendments repealed.  It was created to do so, though an amendment could actually be created to remove that right, or have a President serve a life-term, or decide that the Catholic Pope is the current US President, or slavery to initiate for all redheads.  It's a dangerous tool and sort of a big deal.

  I see a lot of Americans voting for "the guy that looks good" and that's troublesome.  I see them voting for similar race, assuming they're "the same".  Foolish self-racism here!  Some vote and then deny the reality that the guy they voted for didn't live up to their expectations, voting for him (or her) again out of abhorrent shame and denial, perhaps justifying their original, uneducated decision that they just "didn't have enough time" to get things right.  Now, this may have been the case in 1850, or even 1950, but things happen so quickly in comparison, 3 months make a difference!  It used to be considered that the prosperity or demise of a nation is based on that leader's predecessor at least 5 years prior but this is no longer the case with lightning-fast stock-market access to the general public.  I strongly believe that the stock-market crash of 2008 was because of McCain's unrealistic vice-president selection validating the Democratic party 3 months early as a panic-move.  If you think about it, you know I'm right.  Seriously, the song Barracuda for a VP?  Did they know the song was about treachery? 

   Heart named Rolling Stones Magazine's interviewer "Barracuda" because he suggested that the album-art from their first album, Dreamboat Annie was telltale incestuous lesbianism (which they denied).  Not a great choice for a running-mate song.  Though popular in Alaska, did not resound well with the voters, hence, stock-market sell-off in likely fear of a Dem President; then gold prices went through the roof right after in a self-defense end-of-the-world scenario and fallout shelter sales went ballistic (pun intended).

  Our freedoms are fragile based on our vote.  I expect everyone to look at who and what they're voting for, analyze their record.  Did they represent you correctly the last few years?  Do they have a history of your own interests?  What percentage of voters did this?  1%?  Maybe less.  I did but..

  Another concern is that the Military's vote doesn't get counted (for the most part).  You see, they're normally absentee ballots as most are out-of-state.  Military claim their home-state and therefore have to mail-in their vote there.  Few military actually are serving in their home-state where they started-from.  Many are over-seas.  Military mail-in ballots are only counted after an election is over as a tie-breaker (just in-case) and often ignored (as in Florida).  Active-duty is only 0.5% of the population of the US but most vote and are encouraged to do so.  Shame it's ignored.  Did you know active-duty Military also pay taxes except in the rare, few tax-exempt, combat-zones (a few square miles in few various places).  Yep.  They pay taxes with tax money.  Love it, right?  Ugh.

Found out vote didn't count.

  So remember to vote correctly, for what you actually believe in.  Think the Green Party or the Independents are a throw-away vote?  Well think again.  Unless you're trying to strategize it to make sure someone does not get into office, vote right.

"The city of Gamorra, the city of sin," and that "like the mighty fist of God, waters will rise up and separate this sinful, sinful city from our country."
  Thanks for listening, kids.

I got a 1-point speeding ticket today.  "President of what?"  "That's not funny, Plissken!"


Oh, and here's some funny profile pics, since this blog was so serious:

Well hello there!  Should I shave.. me?

First GSE-lead date.

Hubba-hubba, baby!

Brought wrong "kid" to the photo-shoot realization.

Holocaust dance-a-thon-a-palindrome boogie. 

A family that hunts.  Now.. behind the curtain, the ex-boyfriends daddy didn't like.

Proof the Catholic Pope still doesn't recommend birth-control.

I'm going to hide my evil egg somewhere!

About last night...

Honestly, if she let her hair down on both sides..

What do you mean Obama is letting 5 million illegal, undocumented immigrants amnesty?! 

Now, baby, EAT THIS HORSE!  Not my dogs! (mom cries)  Not again!

Young Carmen Diaz.

Mom?  When will the Crazy-Glue wear off?

The blue one is dead if you look closely.

Own the mullet.

Alter-monkey demands justice!  He spies the sinner!  SINNER!


"Did you know Van Buren was the first gay President?"  Mmmmnnnnn.

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