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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared - A critical analysis of Ep.3

Promise of a world of love and acceptance, bitch.
  So we get to Episode 3 which starts-off with "Still Missing.  Last Seen June 19th" which is a reference to Father's Day.  Sometimes kids get involved in so much that the dads might not really see their kids until that special day when the kids show interest.  Just another June 19th reference of the 1955 "Father's Day" note that's ongoing.

Episode 3: The Love God

  The kids are sitting at a picnic with eggs (which symbolize innocent youth later).  Red-Guy has books, meaning he's in school, the other's aren't affected by that yet.  Bird-Guy kills a "pesky bee" (butterfly) because it doesn't go in-line with his picnic plan, the youngest, Yellow-Kid is horrified and runs away at the sociopathic, self-righteous murder.  Will find out thought that the older, wiser characters here are aware that the soon-to-be religious cultist is pesky, and that it has a sting and should be thwarted early-on like any door-to-door evangelistic religion-touter, such as the rather aggressive Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.

  Hiding in a tree (a Buddha reference) contemplating death and hatred, another butterfly appears, at a time of Yellow-Kid's weakness spouting promises of love and acceptance (but won't quite take his hand when offered.. not .. quite.. until he's initiated into the cult.)  What's interesting is the butterfly says, "HARManee" as a hint, not harmony.  Furthermore, the bee-concept and a hive is what Mormons consider their religion, hence Utah is the "Beehive State".

  The other two kids consider following a spiritual path Yellow-Kid has headed-out on, but very organic and physical down-to-Earth material-matters lures them away instead and they focus on Earth-bound wants selfishly rather than a religious option of conviction and contemplation.  One could also note that, "Maybe we should follow Him, he's up in the sky!"  This could be a Jesus reference.  On the chicken, a fly shows an example of the wrong-ish choice of materialistic, earth-bound grossness rather than a more beautiful, spiritual choice.  

  The Butterfly-Guy (named Shrignold) takes him back to his cult-hideout.  One of the go-ers is a unicorn and everything seems too good to be true (like any newfound religion).  Yellow-Kid reciprocates, "I love you too, furry boy!"  and here's where the cracks start to show as the dog insists, "HARDER!" with a perverted tone.  This harks to corruption in any organized religion.   The Shrignold now has a heart on his chest like a hidden pendant now-exposed on his chest.

  Back home, the kids have finished the chicken, representing materialistic sin consumed, the blood everywhere as blood-of-sin in gross fashion, and nothing is left including the eggs of innocence.  It also can be considered the whole resurrection of Jesus, the killing and rebirth of the butterfly that was beautiful, and the bloody aftermath, "Now we've finished the chicken, I don't know what to do.." when others followed the Christian path after Jesus was crucified. 

  Back in the cult, Shrignold chastises Yellow-Kid what Love is, controlling the true, innocent, pure Love the Yellow-Kid is experiencing honestly with cult-rules. Yellow-Kid is confused by this so an example of "Michael the Ugly", just like a biblical story, makes no sense.  There's no moral learned.  More rats escape the rock-hole-Jesus-death reference.  Like so many Old Testament tales that are painfully abridged in Church by a priest with no good explanation, it leaves Yellow-Kid even more confused.  They insist everyone has a "Special-One", even Michael, though the end of the story shows Michael alone forever.  "See!  Everyone has a Special-One, even Michael!"  Wha?

  Then the concept of marriage is explained with a ring showing a forever union.  Gravestones show 1906 (June 19th).  Finally, Malcolm the King-god of Love is introduced and everyone has a gold-heart pendant and red cult-robes.  They insist they must feed him gravel with a golden shovel.   Like any religion, there's odd rituals.  One could say baptism is odd, as is kneeling, crossing one's self, kissing a document, communion (taking bread) etc.  These symbolic gestures are to remind and represent something deeper, but most religious people don't quite get it, so they just do the ritualistic acts without the minding of what it means or why.  Ioshua (Jesus) was impressed with "John the Baptist's" act of having someone turn-over a new-leaf through getting wet.  By promising to be good and kind from now-on with an added ritual of symbolic cleansing in the Jordan River (most never bathed so submersion or cleansing was a rarity and the inductee would remember that).  Jesus did a similar gesture at The Last Supper at a small restaurant with bread, as he was all about sharing and being nice to each-other.  People who go to Church mostly have no idea what's really going on, why it's important, or what it means.  Most people don't have the ability to think.  Most people are sheep who follow rituals unquestioningly and blind.  Most people think that objects associated with these rituals are magical, holy items with great powers like the Holy Grail, etc.  The objects themselves, nor the rituals associated have no meaning though, it's the concepts behind what is being taught. Share!  Change!  The rituals are added to nail the point home, to promote the cause, to have you remember. Sadly, the World is doomed in this regard, and in some cultures, people have died for it.  Millions.  All lies that control people.  And then there's money...

Feed Malcolm the Love God GRAVEL with the golden shovel or he'll get ANGRY!
  At the cult, Shrignold explains that the Ritual Feeding of Gravel to Malcolm, if not performed, the God of Love will become angry.  This contradicts the concept of Love itself.  A god of Love cannot be angry, logically.  Such is the control-mechanism of Christianity through fear-mongering: obey or else!  God will be angry with you if you fail.  God, made of pure Love and Light will be angry!!!  Oh no!  More rules made for control.  This is why the end of the Secret Book of Mark is often not included in most bibles, which states God forgives everyone in the end, regardless.  Not a very controlling statement.  Omitted (except in the Apocrypha).  Nice read, that.  Protestants omit 3/4ths of actual biblical scriptures by the way.  Catholics about 1/3rd.  Not all bibles are the same and the number of "books" and pages vary by the hundreds.  Yep.  Golly, NOW what, kids?  World turned upside-down?  Read and make your OWN choices?  Gasp!  (pee).  But I don't WANT to think, I just want someone to TELL me what's right and wrong!  ha.

Surprisingly, as Yellow-Kid is being inducted, Dad-Roy is present on the right!  Later, you'll find-out Red-Guy has quite a few similar friends so this may not be the kid Red-Guy.

  When Yellow-Guy sits, he's offered a new name, identity, and told to change who he is, essentially.  Catholics allow a "Christian" name when First Holy Communion is received.  When I was a Cathoholic, I picked my own current, pre-existing one "Michael" because I thought that was silly a ritual, though essentially it underlines a new, more pure, new-start identity.  Rituals enforce change-spiritually since most people are too weak-minded to do it by just DECIDING to permanently do it.  People need that bold-face font by way of ritual and a new name.  The cloud-chair has bonds to hold him in-place, limiting Yellow-Kid, trying to trap him.  A mythical girl seduces promise of eternal love shows in a vision, a similar promise by Islamic followers in a way.  He's required to change his name, and clean his brain to the New Way.  This reprogramming is very common in religions.

  Yellow-Guy suddenly wakes-up in the tree, horrified.  The other two kids offer back his innocence in the form of an egg as an alternative to the cult, redefining love.  A caterpillar comes out of the egg though, as if to threaten another cult, announcing "father!", and Bird-Guy smashes it immediately.  This could also be a second-coming of Jesus reference, the butterfly reborn. Another Father's Day reference, immediately quashed.  Even Father's Day is a cultist ritual.  Pesky bee!  Ignoring that ritual in society causes pain of guilt.  You must buy gifts!  Or you could be just nice to your dad all the time?

  End-credits show a Wicker Man (1973) god-burn reference.  It's being destroyed by the same organization that's in Episode 0 that has Nazi-like notes.  Government destroys religion for struggle to control people.. and wins.

The Shadow of the Wicker Man is rising up again!

  It's interesting to note that shows like Davy and Goliath and other kids-based TV shows tried to psychologically force religion in the '60s and '70s to kids with cartoons.  These morals mostly went over our heads at-the-time with promises of everything wonderful.  One could argue the dim-witted Islamic crazies are affected similarly with golden heroic greatness, but ultimately it's just another form of control.  Yellow-Kid gets an idea of the Truth of what real Love is, but that's stopped right-away by the cult who has hidden, ulterior motives..  Most religions do that.  Maybe all of them.  They ruin the Message that way.  Make religion look bad, when it's intent originally was not so.  Sigh. Write a check though.. and obey.

Your parents aren't up yet!  Let's brainwash youth into the Mormon cult!  Yaaaay!

Goodness!  Chippy-time already?  Here we go!  Chip-chip!


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