Saturday, April 13, 2013

Click Here to Win

  It surprises me that these sidebar ads still exist, things like "Just try this easy trick and you won't have to pay your mortgage/insurance/groceries/useless-degree student-loan!" or "Click here for the new iPhone 6" or "Win a free XBox". 
These still exist, and they stay around, because someone is clicking the Java-based crap.  I hate Java.  It's slow, it has to load in your runtime environment, it's sloppy, copy/paste
programming of predesigned modules for lazy, unthinking zombie kids with short attention spans because daddy (who left) never gave 'em a good slap across the chops to pay attention.  It's easy for someone to create a subroutine in a Java script that does rather nasty things, and sometimes the dumb-arse kid programmer just installs this neet graphic or animation, not knowing the whole code script by way of ignorance, "Oh, look, a neet bouncy head!  I can put that in my 'script' and look how cool I'm not!"  Same with Dub-Step "artists" who think they're making music by copy-pasting for 10 minutes instead of spending 10 years learning an instrument.  Lazy robot music for the Ritalin generation.
  Somebody's clicking these sidebars on Earth somewhere. I've never met anyone who did, ever, as it's an instant invite to Trojan virus and other nasties, shoving bad cookies down your browser's throat, inviting malicious pop-ups to occur, etc. I've noticed the spam email has gone down quite a bit, or at least I thought, but it's not true. I check my instant-trash folder on Google Mail (and other mail servers I use) and it's chock full of Nigerian Princes (they're not a monarchy) needed a money laundering gambit of some sort and only you can help them.  Even Liam Neeson fell for that one quite recently.  Sorry Qui-Gon Jin, you're a retard.

  The reason I think people are still clicking these ads is because they still exist and therefore spammers still make 'em because they're effective enough to gather an income.  We rarely see spam snail-mail these days (Publisher's Clearing House an exception, which is actual, but the odds of winning is 1 in 1,750,000,000 (that's 1.75 billion) of which about 20 million try-out each year, there are actually a few winners from time to time, though they will not contact you via Facebook, email you, or show up with balloons).  Still, the Spam community thrives, somehow, as it preys on the hopeless (hopeful) sad sods who have an Arabic sense of success (read 1001 Arabian Nights all 9000 pages of it) which is that fortune only comes by chance, not efforts (though ironically, the Jewish community sometimes depicted in a few these stories default against that theory by clever business dealings and laborious efforts defying Arabic philosophy to the great hatred of the Arabians in the stories).

  With perseverance you can do anything.  Say you really want a Lamborghini (I've decided these cars, though origami-like beautiful, really really really suck because they break down a lot [various models vary in longevity, though most require a good gear-head mentality, such as complete valve-checks every 12k miles, etc. and even then, like bowling-ball Harleys of the early 1980's will still leak oil, break down, etc.  I've done exhaustive research on several models and decided it's not worth the effort, though I did buy a Lotus a few years back.. and.. it's not worth it]  woops, I diverged.. so you want to buy a Lamborghini and you've got $100 on you.  Well, take a small portion of that which you were going to use for smokes, or pizza, or whatever, say, $10 or $20 and put it into a stock, like XM/Sirius Radio by way of (they don't have a minimum fee and there's either no charge or a minimal charge plus a free sign-up). .
That's $5200 a year.  In 10 years you'll have $52,000.  The odds of Pepsi going bankrupt are slim.  At worst, it'll break even.  This is called sacrifice. You've given up pizza to buy something you can't use right now, like Pepsi stock, or XM Radio stock or something likely to succeed. Every week do this. Every week put as much as you can without suffering too badly into this stock. If you can put say, $100 a week (a tidy sum) into 10 years;Historically it'll "split" meaning you'll double your shares every 5 years.  If the stock went up 4 times in 10 years (historically accurate) you'll have $280,000.  If it went up 10 times, you'll have $2.8 million,  more than enough (despite inflation) to buy a new Lamborghini and a lifetime of gas, taxes, insurance, oil and maintenance.

So look, a few blogs ago I mentioned the treasure chest that had "The Secret of Success" on it and inside there was just the word, "Work"?  Well, it's true.  Perseverance might be a better word, but you need to keep at it like the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon.  It'll take time, maybe years, but through perseverance...

  Now this method is a tiny bit of a gamble, sure.  If you want to be more conservative, you can do US Savings Bonds or long-term CDs at any bank, though the yield is not 400%, more like 5% per year versus my 10%-20% yield of Pepsi stock.  You'll still have enough in 10 years.  People are too impatient though, Honey Boo-Boo Chiiiild.
  So, nothing in life is free (usually).  If the deal seems too good, it probably is (with a great sense of probability).  Be wary.   The free iPhone, iPad, i-I, XBox 720, PS4, free house, free student loan, etc.  might buy you into Tawainian slavery as a same-sex hooker (I'm not falling for that one again!) Ching choooowww!  That's 15 years I can't get back!  Sheesh!  Poor Shai Lin Shou!  We'll miss that conjoined-twin with the uni-horn toot!  What?  Oh, sorry, diverged.

  Porn sites are notorious of this.  Keep clear of Live Jasmin (it's not live) and others.  Just don't do it.

Don't click da pict-chya!  Don't "vote" for best band/president/game-system!  Don't TOUCH the sidebars!!!!  DON'T DO IT!  doh.  Eventually, they won't succeed and they'll go away as there's no money there.  The spammers will look elsewhere to get your attention. 
  I'm here to protect the weak, the feeble, the ignorant!  (playing Inspire Courage).

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