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Happy Racism Week!

Warning, this post may be poison (as depicted by Coal Black an de Sebben Dwarfs (1943) cartoon)

Editor's note*
I've had this one in the chamber for 3 weeks. I  wasn't sure if I wanted to post it because it's too edgy, but I've been encouraged by some fans such that my Klout score went up pretty high and I think someone has to take an opposite stance a bit.  I'd like to point out I'm against forms of racism on both avenues, and I find lately racism is becoming a bit inverted lately.  Here's a consideration.  Remember, my blogs are not to create rage but as an emotional response and to think a counterpoint as there's always two sides to a coin (actually 3, but who's counting?)  Try not to get to enflamed, and enjoy the satire and please take "with a grain of salt".  - M.Cronis 

Kids listening to a story in Uncle Tom's Cabana (1947)

Actor in "blackface" paint depicting comically an ebony,
though coming off as being a bit in bad-taste now in 2014.
Happy Racism Week!  Sigh.  I really get annoyed with people on media throwing the "racist" card to make a point, defend a position, trump a flush, doesn't matter.  It's out of desperation when outnumbered like the "smart bomb" button on the William's 1980 game, Defender.  It's a cheap move and unsportsmanlike, desperate and pathetic, "Oh, I don't like what you said or stand for so you must be racist!"  It's been used in other venues, such as, "Oh, you don't like a war in this region, so you must be anti-American."  truly, the same deal here.

  I would say that racism doesn't hardly exist in the United States anymore, but I've seen a few outliers here and there, some diehards that just want to be angry at something easily without thinking about it too much.  Makes it easier I guess.  Me, I'm a fan of "thinking".  I never really cared about race or creed, though I can understand roving gangs can cause fear in neighborhoods, there's an important point I've noticed that few seem to get:

  The fear and creation of racism is born from poverty-stricken groups.

  During the late 1840's, Irish came in mass due to The Great Potato Famine of 1845 and were hated as a lower-class citizen, not so much because they were flooding city areas, but because they were poor and therefore desperate to find food and shelter, and by this forced into crime on various levels to merely survive.  "No Irish Need Apply" was a common sign outside of buildings, and the criminal few made it bad for the better whole.  Irish were hated as a race, but it wasn't their fault, they were just hungry and looking for work.  Desperate, they turned to whiskey to console their wounds, maybe forget their troubles, and this lead to a stereotype that Irishmen were drunks (and thieves).

American Natives were prejudiced well into the 1970s.  This photo taken around 1958.

Irish girls aren't all that bad?
  We can fast-forward to the late 1980's with the ebony culture explosion, though it stemmed right after the Civil War, truly.  Replace whiskey with crack cocaine and you have a similar shadow.  Move up to present-day with Mexicans looking for an opportunity, any opportunity, and you have rather hard-working examples of the 1840's again.  No offense, but Italy was to blame as well.  The foreign language kept them closer-knit in smaller ghettos along with the Jews in WWII in New York.

Shakira is a good Mexican import, no?

Italian "good guy" Mario.
  Hated at first, due to its alien cultures, they eventually weed-out through natural selection and rise and homogenize into society over decades.  Few scowl at Irish or Italians now, and such slang terms as "Mick" or "Paddy" against the Irish, along with "Wog", "Wop", "Dago", or "Goomba" for the Italians are long since extinct even in retirement homes.  At least we're advancing as a nation towards acceptance of these concepts, dealing with people's differences better.  Think of the food!  Would you prefer to not eat Italian food ever again?  Couldn't think of it.  Immigration (legally) is a good thing!

America finally embracing the Italian culture.. though a little too much?  Nah.

  Few cultures have used such slurs to their advantage, however, as well as Africans have.  In this age of softness and estrogen-laced foods and water emoting to more feelings have turned people from hard, strong men to soft, emotional babies.  Because of this, society in the US has become embarrassed as to not hurt anyone's feelings and a crime worse than the Ultimate Sin of calling some African decent individual a "nigger".  Oh no, gasp, I said it!  Worse than mentioning the Jewish "Yaweh" or "ZXKUQYB", or .. "Ni!"


  Ah, but words are powerful things if we let them be powerful.  Here (above) is the example that society had deemed that the word "Ni" was considered very troublesome and scary and off-putting in the same way the word "cunt" makes women go vile with disgust and rage.  Truly, all are in bad-taste.  I myself only use these words to make a point.  I do not speak in such tones on a normal basis ever, and I have societal and personal respect for those around me and I consider myself generally eloquent enough to make my point without swearing (a bow if you please with a fanciful hat flurried about).  Ahem.  I'm unimpressed most rap "artists" use profanity to make a statement.  If used sparingly, it might have value, when used often, one comes off like a retarded, angry child that needs a woopin'.

How you like me now, Cronis?

  Africans have taken this thing too far.  I honestly believe none of them really care about the whole "nigger" thing or whatever, as none of them or their parents or grandparents can remember slavery except by watching movies.  Instead, I find they more often than not use it as leverage, and that's a shame.  Do they need that leverage against society?  I myself work my ass off to get where I'm at, not doing drugs, taking the time to learn and I don't have a bachelor's degree.  I succeeded without all that.  I just stayed in High School and paid attention.  Americans think that these Africans are so upset by name-calling that we bow deeply and most humbly with great respect and heart in apology but to the Africans I almost guarantee all of them are amused by it and think of it as a game of opportunity like a gift.  Those truly offended are minor in number.  One might use it as leverage towards a purchase if possible at a department store getting deep discounts or at an automotive repair shop threatening a lawsuit if a racial slur is uttered.  By allowing the media to thrive on this topic, the opportunity of using this card they can draw like smart-bomb is fed and maintained.  None of them give a shit, really, but hey, free stuff?  Yeah!  Okay!  Gives me extra power?  You betchya!  Uh huh.  I'm not buyin' it.  I've lived a long time and see what's goin' on here.  The only solution to escape this little game is for comedians to admit this and wisen-up everyone as silly business and it'll all be dropped in a weekend.

Well hello, sir.  Perhaps we can discuss this without a Final Fantasy VII weapon in your hand?

This gentleman thought his outfit would be a "good idea".
  Equality is fine, but when you change history it's ugly.  There have been quite a few examples where the oh-woa-is-me African culture is not getting fair representation, so movies are changing the main character to a darker hue.  Honestly, none of this matters much to me.  I don't care if African decent people were the majority.  I like 'em just fine.  Great food, beautiful music, great rhythm sense, athletic (partially due to slavery breeding in the 1800's unfortunately) without even trying to work out, beautiful skin and an infectious, hearty laugh with warm philosophies.  I have no problem with the people, just the card they've been throwing down, one up their own sleeves by my reckoning.  I don't fear this card and I'll call 'em on it every time and have: "Oppressed?  What are you doin'?  This ain't 1901.  Ha ha ha."  Uh huh.  Calls their bluff every time.

Robin Williams of Jumanji (1995)

  Some movies such as Karate Kid (2010) and The Avenger's "Nick Fury" are examples of this, obviously non-African characters.  Annie (2014) will be portrayed as an ebony girl, et. al.  This list goes on and on.  If it's used in point, as an example, such as The Wiz (1978) because it was set in 1970's Harlem makes sense.  In the case of The Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014), "Electro" does not.  There's no point except for proper balance of representation of Africans in media.  Commercials almost always now have one or two in the scene, oddly placed and portrayed and extremely metropolitan and safe, such as McDonald's "Random Red Couch" commercial or various Direct TV ads.  All of it painful to watch for both parties represented.  Ebony are portrayed wrongly as some "black guy in a white skin" deal.  I don't get it.  Pathetic and weird and .. wrong.  Let a brotha' be a brotha' I say.  Don't fake-ify it.  Why can't people just be themselves, proudly?  Why sissify it or water it down?  Lies, I tell you.  Keep a lookout for this in commercials.  It's vile and unlikely a hipster, his friends, and the "token" ebony fellow who'd rather be elsewhere if you look in his eyes.  I'm not saying this can't be true, and I'm digging up a ton of stereotypes here, and I'm not against mixed-race setups but commercials do it wrongly and invalidly. 

I'd disagree on both charges here.  Annie is an iconic newspaper comic character, like Popeye
In the case of Shirley Temple, The Littlest Rebel (1935) she distracts the Civil War slave-hunters from their hiding escapees.

  So many movies are coming out that have ebony swaps I find it dizzying and I think for the wrong reasons so satiate a minor demographic.  12.6% are African.  That's a small amount.  Hispanic is 16%.  You don't see them playing any "race" cards do you?  Speaks for their culture well I think, and a refocus on the prior.

As of 2012 Census United States

   So, in counter-culture response, so unpopular it hurts, I'm going to make a few "equality" suggestions in movies:

The Rosa Parks Story (2014): White girl in Harlem takes a bus' front seat.  Black bus driver tells her she can't sit there because of a local ebony gang but she refuses to get up.  Is raped and brutalized but not before her story starts a white-revolution.  Rosa played by Katherine Heigl.

Katherine Heigl as Rosa Parks, "Yeah, that's right, bitches!  Eat it!"

Abe Lincoln (2014):  Abe the 16th President of the United States (played by Will Smith) gives his speech to free the white slaves of America as society has gripped them into apologizing for everything.  A civil war breaks-out and finally the whites are allowed the Freedom of Speech again.

Will Smith in Abe Lincoln (2014), "Just a squirrel tyrin' to get a nut."

The Martin Luther King Jr. Story (2016): Martin Luther King Jr. speaks of equality for whites against the black onslaught of inner-city terrorism played by Michael Richards of Seinfeld.  The iconic "I Have a Dream" speech focuses on whites being allowed to walk without fear in Detroit without being robbed or murdered, and white children are allowed to play in public parks without being gang-banged or abducted.

Michael Richards as Martin Luther King Jr., "Nyuck nyuck nyuck!"  Potentially an Academy Award Winning Role.  He will play Martin in "blackface" makeup, it's rumored.

World War II (2017):  Hitler creates a "master race" to conquer white Europe, focusing on current NFL and NBA players being both athletic and tall.  Iconic speech delivered by Sammy Davis Jr. through computer recreation (as he's currently dead) as a "black Jew" that he was, portraying Hitler who wants to eliminate the non-desirable whites who actually have to work-out to look muscular unlike the superior ebony race.  Twist in the story has him cheating on his fat, white girlfriend "Helga".  Michael Bay directs.

Sammy as Hitler, "Sieg Heil, bitches!"  Michael Bay insisted on a time-machine-DeLorean for Hitler.

Malcom X2: (Electric Boogaloo):  The Motion Picture (2019):  For speaking out against ebony apartheid in South Africa for whites not getting their fair say or allowed to speak negatively against the ebony supremacy lest they be fined and jailed is none other than former Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.  Imprisoned, he is martyred and writes memoirs that move a nation as black prison enslavers take him for all he's got.  Sterling indicates, "I don't know if I like these people." which is then used against him for 1000 years in a Sarlacc Pit on Tatooine where he will be digested slowly.  Only a rag-tag team of Americans can save him, but is it too late?  Jabba played by Biggie Smalls.

Donald Sterling notes, "I'm sexy and I know it!"

Okay, there.  It's done.  Fire away.


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  1. Michael Richards was BORN to play MLK. I would watch all of these movies in a heartbeat. Speaking of Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld was recently criticized for not having "diversity" in his show, and he unapologetically said that he didn't care. He hired people for his show because they were funny, not because they were a particular color. "If you're funny, I want you. That's all that matters." Amen to that. Could you imagine if they made George black, just to fill a quota? It would have been stupid. And this, of course, is keeping in mind that no one's bugging Tyler Perry to insert a white person into the cast of any of his TV shows/movies...