Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hate Male


  Oh goody!  So about 10 months ago I posted a response to a YouTuber named Emily Blackery who complained that she didn't like it that You Tube was requiring a Google + account to respond to videos.  She did so by singing, "F*-You, Google..." in sing-song.  I found it simply vulgar and said so.  I was also mildly annoyed that Google is giving her an opportunity to post and monetize her videos and she's been collecting hundreds of thousands of British Pounds Sterling by her clever, potent videos.  Google is letting her do this for free and merely wanted to consolidate all the Android/Google/YouTube accounts into one (as it makes sense).  It is a simple deal and takes about 3 seconds and, again, is free.

  Just recently (last week) I had a coordinated attack from her mindless minions, all but 3 within an hour's time, insulting me and telling me how wrong I am and insulted my age (actually a hate-crime in this day and age).  Most people would accept such a defeat but I am defiant and gave each deep consideration.  Obviously, this is now free and public information that I will gladly post.  I did research on each person and looked them up individually, they are all mindless, non-contributing media-sponges who have no soul of their own, which is pleasant, lest they prove me otherwise, of course.  Their offerings are accepted.  I've always wanted to do a "Hate Mail" section like my buddy Maddox does, but I usually don't get as much negative reaction, until recently!  Yay!  Attention! Virgo-Power ACTIVATE!  I will use it for more fire in the way people might, if I could eloquently put, "Feed the Troll".  Be I a troll?  So be it!  You better have a coup-de-grace move or some fire handy, lest you roll a 20, kiddies.  Now who's first for the feast?
  1. The fact that you've turned to targeting specific people shows how low and vile you are. Words hurt "Mike" and your words have an impact. For the record, that patchy fuss your trying to grow on your face is seriously not working for you and Emma Blackerys teeth are perfect because she put in an effort and got braces to boost her own self confidence (which everybody needs). Obviously your new here, also, being the 40 yrs old twat that you are, I would appreciate it if you actually did better research before you personally target someone- especially youtubers. you might also want to take into account that they are people and do read what you fucking say and are hurt by hate comments just like you are.


    1. I did target a specific person, though left un-named, which makes me very honorable indeed, but then again, you did not read all of the posts. Initially, and the main reason I did this was because the individual "GB" admitted that he went to the SPCA (which is an orphanage for vagrant and lost dogs and cats in the US) on a regular basis and purchases an animal. If, within a few days, it does not behave to his liking, he then physically mangles it with his bare hands, crushing its bones. Can you imagine a small kitten writhing in agony like that? Half-dead, he then throws it to his backyard neighbors dogs who rip it to shreds. In the US, this is a felony-charge. He has done this over 3 times, or so he says. This is the most evil thing I can imagine, do maliciously crush an animal for no reason except on a whim, then toss the evidence of your maiming to eager teeth over a fence. Can you see the eyes of the kittens as they struggle to cry out, bones and ligaments crushed with no hope for escape? I contacted the FBI and he's being monitored. I have to work with this psychopath on a regular basis.

      As for Blackery, my only complaint was that she was vulgar in her song by swearing, especially publicly. I made note also that she is "biting the hand that feeds her" in the sense that YouTube is paying her by monetizing her videos and allows her to do so for free. Google wanted to consolidate accounts as it made sense since the Android/Chrome/Google architecture is getting enormous and it made sense to do so. It's a small pittance of a deal, especially for the hundreds of thousands of British Pounds Sterling she's raking-in. If I find her work vulgar, I have the right to say so. A lady or gentleman shouldn't be obscene and cruel to an organization that's giving her enough money to buy an estate for the only request she have a G+ account name and password, which, again, takes 3 seconds and costs nothing.

      Karma plays and balances in mysterious ways. I suspect she'll get her "reward" in Life for her profanity eventually. I stand-by my opinions, and though I give your response (the most eloquent of the bunch) due consideration for a week, I have decided you're a bitch and should be raped by an ape. If you could please send me your address I will post-haste mail an albino mountain gorilla to your domicile pumped-up with Viagra and PCP and bananas. I recommend you buy some lube, because it's gonna be a rough night, miss. Enjoy your life, non-contributing media-sponge.

      PS. Send me some nudes, okay? Thanks.


    1. This article is the biggest load of bullcrap ever


      1. I like it that you can read. Did you not agree that this generation lacks substance? Your reply did, and you neglected punctuation. Would you care for a spanking? Why do you have so many consonants in your name? Would you like to buy a vowel? I do believe the Herculean 5th labor of Augean Stables may have been slightly larger a load, as is your face that no one would love. Oh, look! You slide down a hill on grass on your Google + page! It seems you've betrayed your goddess by actually getting an account as well. Betrayer! I hope she is merciful, lest she sing a "F*ck You Krzzy" song. If you like, I can make one for you and post it, as I'm far more musically talented than Emily, your mistress.

        PS. I would ask for nudes, but you're fat.
    2. How do you expect people to want to read your posts when you go and attack Emma for no reason at all? You clearly aren't clever enough as you didn't realise you said that she was 2 only 9 years ago, meaning that you missed out 10 years (she was 12 9 years ago) or that you're thick enough to not be able to use a calculator.

      If you're "always right" then how come your blog doesn't have more than 20 followers yet Emma is now on 700k subscribers? Clearly the maths show who's preferred.

      Also, if you're going to say that her being British explains her teeth, I can say that you must be one fat shit who's sitting in a room where all your furniture has been made out of stacking all the big Mac boxes you eat constantly.

      Now is when you realise how much of an arse you are and that Emma is a better person than you ever will be.

      And with that, I thank you and

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´



      1. I actually expect people to read my posts BECAUSE I attack Emma! Checking my stats, I've had over 10,000 views, so I guess I made the right choice there, where I usually only get a few hundred. Win! I'm obviously clever enough. Yeah, I made a typo on the 2 versus 12. I didn't need a calculator to solve for that formula though, but I do appreciate the spell-check.

        The "maths"? More than one math? I like that. Maybe you should take the Englishes? As for me being "right" based on followers, Jesus had 12.. so.. I'm doing better than that, checking by my "maths". How many followers do you have? I suspect zero.

        Not a fan of the Big Mac, per se. My estate generally has pretty nice things as I work as an aerospace engineer. Having lived in England for a while, my comment is justified as just like the Japanese (I lived there too helping them with satellite operations for a few years, and taught classical guitar there as well) that dental hygiene is more corrective than preventative or cosmetic. It's simply their culture. It's not her fault, she's merely surrounded by that lifestyle, and I pointed this out. There are quite a few nations that put that on the back-burner. It does not make them less of a race of people though. It simply "is" and some people are unaware of that.

        I do not bow down to your observation that Emma is a better person than me because she's vulgar and without class or distinction, and she can't sing well. Her heart is cruel as she "bites the hand that feeds her" with profanity and that's just in bad-taste. She has no honor there, simply put. If she recants her song, I will accept her apology, and yours.

        I accept your thanks, and only wished you created the lovely ASCII-art, but, alas, I know you probably copy-pasted it from somewhere, as you're a non-contributing media-sponge with no soul.

        PS. Please send me some nudes of yourself with a dog.
    3. "she was British so she doesn't have the right to Freedom of Speech" Just because america is made to look like the king of freedom dose not mean other places don't have the freedom of speech as well, because we do.


      1. Dylan, Brits have a "limited" freedom-of-speech. You should look into that. Go ahead and make an article against the Queen to inspire riot and see how far that goes, eh? I'll mail you some nudes "ac1234" once she sends them to me, that is, if you like fat-chicks with dogs.

        America is not the MOST free nation, but it's up there, I agree, and we have the best looking girls, cars, and movies.
    4. Nice failing to mention almost all of the YouTube community, including people you watch, were against it. And the horrendous changes to the comment system that came with the G+. And the fact G+ is only the second biggest social network because it is forced on us.


      1. The entire YouTube community was not against it, only the whiny kids who want socialistic "free stuff" and are lazy. Of those aerospace engineers I work with, we were delighted in the account consolidation of YouTube and G+, so your numbers are biased and skewed to a personal reference. You are, quite simply, "wrong". Most people I know used G+ beforehand anyway. Is another account daunting for you? Perhaps I can hold your hand and do that? Oh, wait, you already acquiesced and did so, instead of heading Emma's words and NOT doing so. Who's the bitch NOW, Noah? Guess it's you.

        PS. Send me some nudes of your mom. Thanks. She's hot.
    5. You said you didn't like the way Emma cussed in her video? Well tell me how the hell calling her a 'fucking cunt' makes you any better than her. There are so many things wrong with with article, maybe it's the way you make stupid jokes about her nationality, maybe it's just that you are just a very unpleasant person! Who knows? At first your article was amusing, then it was just rude, and then, to be honest, it kind of got off topic. Not a good read, would not recommend. Goodbye. (Also if we're telling people how to live here, stop using memes in your articles. Your a 43 year old man, that's gross.)


      1. Ah, I did not call her such a name, Solana. The co-worker camera-photoed with the goofy look actually said this and I quoted her. These were not my words. You say there are problems with my article? Can I hire you to proofread as an editor? I could use a good editor. Perhaps $400 per blog-post? I expect good work though. Let me know if you're interested in a job? I usually post twice a week. I can pay via PayPal if you like.

        My jokes are often stupid, yes. I have to appeal to a large crowd and sometimes reach the lowest-common-denominator at-times. Should I be more witty? I doubt readers would get inside-jokes from references to "As You Like It" by Shakespeare. Hmm.. Curious.

        You ask me to stop using MEMEs because they're.. gross? I'll have you know I make my own MEMEs, which is pretty badass. I also have been doing this since 1993 using Compuserve and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and even earlier in 1987 using and creating my own Wildcat BBS sites, so.. I've been doing this since before you were born. Stop using MY MEMEs! It's gross. I am the originator of them since day-1 so.. you owe me for each use. I'll take some out of your first paycheck. Let me know if you take Google Wallet btw.

        PS. Oh, and I need you to send me some nudes of yourself. I wouldn't mind one on all fours, perhaps using a mirror? Thanks. Just a mild request. Do you have a broom?
    6. Methinks I hear a fedora. As Noah said, amalgamating YouTube and Google+ caused a lot of havoc and made it difficult for both users as content creators. Now that the "wonderful" number 2 social is about to be canned, hopefully YouTube can resume being an accessible platform for users and creators. Your argument isn't based on any kind of sound logic, it's all about slamming a young woman, because, well, she's a young woman. She is actually a well respected creator, and champion of charity. When prey tell dear sir, did you raise 25,000 GBP (about 42069.63)?
      You just come off as a grumpy old dude. You're past it my friend, let the new generation come and rock. Your days have passed.


      1. You hear a hat? Perhaps you meant the Linux project, or the opera? Regardless, you come off as a Down Syndrome retard (politely and correctly pronounced, reh' TAR'd). You think G+ is about to be canned? I think not, especially since you yourself bowed-down and got a full-on G+ account just to post here. Seems you are not the rebellious warrior you thought you were.

        So, you wish to fence on logic? Firstly, you mention you "hear" a fedora. This could be either a hat, development tool, or an opera, or perhaps a codename for a Cold War spy. In either case, you're illogical. Secondly, and more to-the-point, my "logic" is that she's insulting the company that pays her. If you worked for a large company, would you publicly insult it? You'd be fired in a heartbeat. Same goes for her vulgar song against the "hand that feeds her". She insults it, yet they are so benign they accept the freedom of expression regardless of her bad publicity against them! They are saints! How "logical" is it to TRY to get kicked-off of YouTube when it's her sole income (and surprisingly very lucrative for her). I insult her logic directly! I don't slam her species. I slam her retardation. She's respected by children who don't know any better, and are media-sponges that don't have any pages themselves, nor produce anything worthwhile (such as yourself). She's loved by retarded goblins with no creativity or hope who just feed off the tit of YouTube without even standing up by her clarion-call of vulgarity by song like some evil, anti-bard. Some good it did, none of them joined her cause against YouTube's consolidation of accounts. Indeed, even she made a G+ account like some scum-sucking lowlife who doesn't even believe her own message! If she was truly honest in her song, she'd have cancelled her subscription and channel in defiance, regardless of her income. THAT would have been the true passion and message, not whining like a spoiled brat with a mouth worthy of an honest soaping.
        Champion of charity? To what cause? Where did the money go? If she was a true "champion" she wouldn't have publicized the fact she did it. She just wants to show off. If it wasn't for YouTube, she could not have championed a dime. Ironic she sings against it, no? If she un-monetized all her posts on her channel, then she'd be honorable. I did. She is a prostitute. She does art for cash, not for the love of it, and by that, she's cheap and whorish.

        I've championed causes in my day, true, and have done well by them. I donated $75,000 US to the Native American Fund in 2004. I think that's worthy, and I did it without whoring myself.

        I'm not quite "old" I'd say, at 44 now. Though I must admit, I was an angry rebellious teen, then angry rebellious 20-something, then 30's. I've always been a punk-rocker angry-dude. My age has nothing to do with it. Most of the 1950's and 1960's rebellious teens gave up and became passive and institutionalized and absorbed into the system. I refuse! I am the true rebel! She almost was, but she gave-in like a loser, not standing up for what she believed in, and you are a loser for believing in her fake-ness.

        PS. Please send me some nudes of yourself, particularly I'd like some hands-over-head photos and some spread butt shots please. You don't have to shave. I know you don't with a name like Yeshe Thubten as you likely live in Tibet with your whoremates. Whoring. Have them send me your best work and I'll give you $2500. I'll need your Paypal account to send it though.
    7. Stop talking about being are a embarrassment to us all.


      1. I've fought in two wars in the military and am highly decorated. I currently hold a special compartment top-secret clearance. The reason it took me too long to respond to you was because I'm working a DoD job and America is quite involved in situations in the Middle East and Ukraine. I helped stand-up the GPS system at 2SOPS (which you undoubtedly use from time to time) and was awarded Best Space Operator for the USAF twice. At Cheyenne Mountain I helped splash-down the hated MIR by the Russians and saved the lives of a crew of 5 astronauts from a potential collision from a rocket-body-segment, having them maneuver just in-time. I declined my pension because I didn't want to put a burden on the US government. I currently work at an AF installation with a very large aerospace company. Today I ate a Coney Dog at A&W and a rootbeer float with fries. I own a Corvette and all my cars are American on-purpose. I've saved countless lives for America and would do it again. I think that makes me pretty God-damned American.

        Pray-tell how many wars have you fought in? How many lives have you saved directly? Have you ever pulled two Marines out of a foxhole during a SCUD crisis? Did you bleed for your country? What service branch are you in? Did you donate your military paycheck to charity? How many volunteer charities have you directly attended?

        Who's the embarrassment now, bitch?

        PS. Please send me some nudes of your mom wrapped in an American flag. Thanks!
    8. I think you'll find that what she had to say was an opinion, as is just about everything you posted. How about no-one is really wrong or right because opinions are opinions.


      1. Actually, you're correct on all points. Well-put. Very eloquent and to-the-point. You're actually quite intelligent and thoughtful. I have nothing bad to say to you whatsoever. You're pretty cool. Well said.

        PS. Please send me some nudes.

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