Thursday, August 21, 2014

Disclaimer of the Blog of Awesome

Tiffany Teen is amused.
 I had made a "disclaimer" message on my somewhat neglected website, a few years ago, but a lot of folks just bang-off this site directly these days (understandably).  On the original website, I had made a disclaimer, suggesting that the Blog of Awesome is to be taken lightly. 

2012 Olympic gold & silver medalist, gymnast McKayla Maroney says, "That Mike!"

  You see, the stuff in The Blog is to elicit response, entice, or make someone think.  I would like it if readers ate breakfast cereals while reading, perhaps to spit milk and cereal chunks at the screen comically, perhaps.  I wanted to create it for that very purpose, for something to read over breakfast cereal, to give the reader something to think about later-on.  It might make a few people.. uncomfortable but these feelings are society-based that you've been brainwashed with.

Marathon Man (1976) "Is it safe?"

  I know most readers these days hate being alone with their thoughts, neck in a permanent downward-facing-dog position, buried in cellular low-tech, over-priced devices to shut-out the rhythm and heartbeat of the Earth lest it frighten them of It's own Truth.  So many these days shut that Truth out, that simpleness of air, of being.  To consider within, and the World around them.  There's no rush, sometimes.  Enjoy it, no?  Take an hour?  Madness it seems, to most.  Twitchy and desperate as the band Rush might suggest, " to try and fill the void."  I really encourage readers to take off a week from the Inter-Googles and just stay away from video games, cellphones, portable devices of any kind, the radio, music, and just .. be.

Knows how to bee.
  Anyway, aside from that, please remember that The Blog of A. is a fun, light-hearted tool, sometimes abashedly unpopular and mocking the current scene-du-jour, often suggestive or cranky, and sometimes just plain fun, "Oh no he di'n't!"  Yep.  I did.  For instance, a few years ago I brought up that Casey Anthony who undoubtedly murdered her daughter was, if I remember correctly, "America's sweetheart" because the News was just in love with following her trial and getting all the gooey details, becoming the most popular female in the US for several months. 

I was using a smaller font back-then in 2011, way back there.  Hm.

Casey for the win!

    Sometimes The Blog is informational.  Take, for instance, the "Top 10 Best Movies of the..." series.  "Top 10 Best Movies of the 1980s" was a pretty big hit, as well as each of the decades.  A search on this forum for every decade from the 1920s onward can give some insight into what to watch all the way up to 2010!  Wow, Mike!  Yep.  I'm awesome and a half.  Some rather harsh feedback of my recommendations of the 1990s, but hey, "..when in Rome."

  Also, keep in-mind most links are "clickable" meaning if it's underlined and a different color, you can click it as a hyper-link and it'll take you somewhere.. magical.

Derrrrrrr!!!! Duh DUUUHHHH!

  So try not to get too worked-up over my opinions.  They're just that.  Not truths most of the time, just my angle at the time I wrote it.

  Coming soon, Ferguson, Missouri: Treyvon II: Electric Boogaloo.

Live footage from Ferguson, MO.  Things are getting out of hand as rival gangs are demanding: "trial by breakdance" with the cops.  Only the strong survive.


It's ON, coppah's!  Deee'yaaaam!

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