Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mind Blown

Most people who have a soul (and many who don't) subscribe to a few YouTube channels.  If you currently don't subscribe to any YouTube channels, Welcome to 1997!  Sit and stay a while! 

  Here's 50 trivia misconceptions and urban legends, some of which have blown-away my mind (yes, even me!)  See if you were 100% on your true trivia.  You might balk at some of this stuff, and then look up for hours (like I did) information on the topics.  I'll save you some time, and from dozens of sources on each topic, the guy's right.  Huh.  Enjoy the mind-warp.


What sort of job is that?  Licking rims, indeed.  Sheesh, lady.  Nice foot tattoo, btw.  And what, a Honda?!

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