Monday, October 6, 2014

1050 Bacon Whopper (with cheese)

     Burger King is offering the "1050" Bacon Whopper (with cheese optional).  Here's a guy who's gonna go for it.

     Why can't we buy the 1050?  I WANT the 1050!!!  1997 NOW.


  Sadly, this guy wimped-out, but his friends "ate a bacon" which is nice. 

  Japan also offers the Windows 7 Whopper, which is fantastic:

     This girl gives it a go.  I think I'm in love (with the Whopper that is!)
Marriage-material here. 
     And, of course, this year, the "Black Whopper" which has Teriyaki and soy-sauce on it, dyed with squid-ink (flavorless additive) and cracked black pepper.
  Also is the 5th Anniversary Burger King 5-patty Whopper for the kids I guess.

  Triple Rodeo 3rd Anniversary Burger...  I wouldn't mind having a triple rodeo...

Behold!  The Burger King Pumpkin Bomb!!!


The Garlic Meat BEAST!  Yes please!

  The Samurai Whopper!

It's an all-out WAR!  Which would you choose?  MEAT MONSTER!

Extra onions... (of course)

I'm hungry!  BK 4 LIFE!

Want a burger?


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