Friday, October 17, 2014

Quick Star Wars 7 News

Yub YUB!!!

 A lot of folks know already that JJ Abrams is finishing-up on Star Wars VII.  Apparently, Warrick Davis is going to reprise his role as Widget the Ewok in it.  Just found out.  Unless he invokes some of his character, "The Leprechaun" from the eponymous film series, I'm quite concerned.  Certainly good news having Max von Sydow (aka Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon) is a treat, but Ewoks?  Doesn't JJA know that sort of killed Return of the Jedi for a lot of folks (the ladies seemed to have liked it though, if I remember correctly back in 1983).  Might as well call him "Jar Jar Abrams" now, no?  Well, we'll see.  Just sayin', JJ.  Better not suck.  Ewoks?!  God help us.

Here's an actual filmed scene from RoJ that George Lucas did as an extra scene.  Notice Boba is still alive.


  On another note, the band Cameo's first album, "Cardiac Arrest" is very good from 1977 and worth a listen.


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