Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Trepidatious Return to Facebook

 Some of you may have noticed I re-activated my Facebook account.  I did this for the sole reason of ease of login to some sites.  I mean, we have what, like 2 Infinity Quiddities Googolplex passwords?  At least that many.  Many sites seem to require an FB status of some sort as well.  Sigh.

She no know her password and make messy messy.  Aww..  Idiot.

Facebook profile 100% effective birth-control "selfie".
  So I get back there and the layout is pretty horrible than from 3 years ago.  FB nicely saved all my pictures for the data-mines to the highest-bidders of course.  Thanks Putin!  Bok-bok!  I pretty much turned every feature off, and wiped-clean most of my alleged "friends" down to about 30 or so.  I don't need a flurry of infinite posters talking about every gosh darn event they do on a daily basis, like take a piss.  Not interested.  FB is just a means to an end, and I have enough narcissism here on Google Blogger, so much so that I've quite neglected my actual website (though I may give it a refresh soon, maybe).

  I don't intend to post too many pictures.  Those that want to scour my rather rich blog can see all the things I've posted, such as Rosie the Riveter my Corvette, wine efforts, music I've posted on YouTube, reviews of the best movies of every decade, etc.  (Note*  This month I'm going to re-issue those as a sort of remix). 

Rock & Rule, the other Heavy Metal film of the '80s.

What's an "outside"?!
  If you got here because of Facebook, well, I encourage you  go outside once in a while.  Also, to browse back on the right-hand menu (on a PC or tablet).  I've programmed a bit of ease for handheld device users as well so it fits nicely on an Android device or iPhone, though you're not getting the full-experience that way, it'll suffice.

  So, if you're new here, Welcome!

Here are some popular blogs that have given me some Klout-score credibility over the years:

These blogs are freakin' GREAT, bay-bay!!  Yeah, bitch!
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Enjoy over cereal.  It's my hope you choose a kid's cereal. The content is comedic and satirical.  Don't take it too seriously, un-kay?  A lot of these blogs are to offer a counterpoint to a cultural popularity.  There's always 2 sides to a coin, you know (actually 3).  Enjoy.


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