Monday, January 7, 2013

Absence of Heat

Mr. Snow-Miser brings the cold to Colorado
Most people who have at least a 10th grade education know that there's no such thing as something emanating "cold".  The concept of cold does not exist the way we think.  Something cannot give-off "cold".  When you hold an icy pitcher of, say, anteater placenta aloft and you put your hand under it, it feels like it's pouring down cold air.  Actually, this is not true, though it seems like it.  Cold is merely a value of an absence of some heat.  Cold air is more densely-packed, however, so the air molecules that are pushed together like Japanese subway riders rush-out to less dense areas once the doors open. 

Now where did I put that trans-dimensional engine cone?

  Same thing with air and wind.  High-pressure air rushes towards low-pressure areas.  If you have a high-pressure (marked as an "H" on weather maps) in, say, Canada, and a low-pressure area where you are (assuming you're somewhat near Canada) that air (which is undoubtedly cold, being so far north) will rush towards you.  Depending on the difference in pressure, the wind will be more or less.  Expect it to be cold within a day or two (depending on distance, etc.)  Same thing goes if there's an "H" in Mexico and you're somewhat nearby and you're an "L".  Yep, warm weather awaits.

Mr. Heat-Miser

  The universe tries to do this a lot.  Gravity interferes with that process on a galactic level, however, but usually high-pressure things want to space-away from each other until gravity kicks-in with very large things or ions kick-in with very very small things like electrons and quarks.  A good example is a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew pressurized with carbon-dioxide.  The little bubbles shoved all up in there wanna get out.

  Enough of the Physics 101 lesson, I'm sure you all remember it from when you were 15 and practice it daily whether you realize it or not.  Irregahd'less (Bostonian speak sic.) it seems that this principal can work in several ways that aren't so physics-based.  Consider...

Okay, so let me get this straight, these factors are self-evident in non-quantum physics, right?

  • There is no Darkness there is only the absence of Light
  • There is no Evil there is only the absence of Good
  • There is no Hate there is only the absence of Love
  • There is no Pop Music there is only the absence of Guitars
  • There is no Silence there is only the absence of Music
  • There is no Ugly there is only the absence of Cute
  • There is no Ketchup there is only the absence of Good Cheeseburgers
  • There is no Chocolate Cake there is only the absence of Chocolate Cake
  • There is no Scrawny, Gross, Bony-Chick there is only the absence of Chippy-munky.

Enjoy the physics-to-philosophy lesson, kids!  Remember to hug a Chippy-munky-girl today!  They like that a lot and make cute  warble sounds when you do.

No absence of Chippy-munky here.

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