Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ponycorn Adventure

For 2013, the DoD is laying off a 70k to 90k jobs, thanks to .. OBAMA!  YAY!  Don't worry though, Colorado allows the use of marijuana so you'll think everything is okay.  Wait, did my grandpa marry my 16 year-old cousin?  Yep, gay-marriage to a first-cousin is okay too, and the legal age to wed in Colorado with parental consent is, you guessed it, SIXTEEN!  YAY!  Everything is great!  The Great US weapons-ban has just started!  We're following Soviet Russia's governmental technique from the late 1950s!  This is so great!

  Even Neil Peart or Rush was duped by the "Free Health Care" bill in the US.  A lot of folks thought that the bill would give free health-care to those who needed it.  Not so.  It's actually mandatory purchase of health-care for all US citizens and their children, even if it takes up half your paycheck to buy.  Those who receive government aid have that portion removed from their paychecks to pay for their "free" health-care.  Those collecting unemployment benefits have their unemployment checks garnished as well.  It was a trick.  In the end, we'll all pay for it, and there's no limit to what insurance-companies can charge for standard (and mandatory) service.  None.  They can charge anything they want on a case-by-case basis, and you have to pay.  Enjoy, suckers.

This is what we get when teenagers vote.  DOOOOOOM!!!!!

Welcome to Crazy World.

While we're waiting for God to smite us utterly, you should play Ponycorn Adventure, a game written by a 5 year-old.


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