Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hurry up and Wait

I can pick anyone I choose, and I choose, Ben Richards.

 So most of my military readers know this concept, "Hurry up and Wait."  We're used to it.  It's in our DNA now; the only release to this is, "Good to go" in which we're then told we no longer have to wait, have been processed at this area/station/DNA-altering-nanoprobe-section, and we can carry-on, only to hurry up again.

I'm doing my part.  Would you like to know more?
  It's hard to not, after a while.  I've met those who even still after 20 years devour their meals like there's no tomorrow, brainwashed from basic training like some starving Doberman Pinscher slamming it's nose into the bowl, eyes glazed in some autonomic response in the same way said dog might hump the leg of a visitor, glazed (in both ways).  A bit sad.

What?  It's a corndog!  So what?  Not a corndong!
  We all got brainwashed a little, there; hopefully some of the good concepts stayed, or at least what we think are good concepts.  Structure and focus are good ones I think.  I had none before I went into the USAF.  I was pretty, "any way the wind blows" and rather uninterested in other people's feelings or opinions (though not completely).  I was a bit evil in that regard; not maliciously so, just ambivalently so.  A hint of Neutral Evil selfish.  I feel bad about it, but I wasn't fully developed then, not quite yet.  The aftermath of my disinterest caused callous wounds on those I knew, and I have mild regret despite my excuse.  Ah, childhood.

Innocense Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose vs. Hindu god Na'ag.

  It's interesting most men don't get their act together until about 30.  We're a bit of a spaz, groinally-focused and whacked-out by phenomenal and lunar control, but then we, as a whole, start to come out of the animistic-trance and catch our breath, look around and the mess we've made and thoughts and good conscious start to coalesce.  Sometimes the damage done can be permanent, but Time heals a lot in many ways, always our ally, always our enemy.

  So we hurry-up and wait, every day, for every thing we do; even so for Life.

Princess Homecoming Queen (tm) enjoys her loops of fruit.

Now enjoy your Fruit Loops, those loops of fruit!

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