Thursday, February 21, 2013

Biro's Hit!

It's HIM.  Ted Carroll playing as Biro in the 1980 film Flash Gordon.  Why was he so important?!
  You know, I always wondered about this sudden and semi-important non-developed character "Biro" in the 1980 cinematic masterpiece, Flash Gordon.

  I've done some research and can't find mention of "Biro" in any of the serials or the three original movies, Flash Gordon, Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe.

  He was played by Ted Carroll who died in 1998 and had several bit-parts in British TV and movies. I don't see any connection with him and DeLorentes either. I have no idea how Ted Carroll's manager got him onboard, or how he suddenly had extreme character-development, "Biro's hit! I'm going in after him!"

   I think ABC television did a making-of in 1982-83 on TV (I remember noting they did the clouds by dripping food coloring into oily water and filmed it upside-down in slow-motion) but I don't remember how Biro became "beloved". I will probably die having Biro a mystery to me. Why a broken-nosed old-man suddenly became a hyper-focus to the plot and then totally forgotten after, "See you in Mongo City, Prince!" which blows your mind because you remember Voltan is a Prince of Mongo though he acts like Olde King Cole as a king of Cloud City and not so much a prince being of what, 50 years old at the time? Weird.

  If you, or anyone you know, have any information on Biro or why his important is crucial to the plot which screeches to a halt to be saved during the assault on War Rocket Ajax, comment below as Mysteries of the Unexplained for all Time.

  All can agree, however, that Ted Carroll is definitely a guy you want to hang out with.  You know that he knows things, and has been around the block.  You never mention his broken nose.  You DO drink heavily with him and get into soccer hooligan fights, and you win. 

  Biro is win, and you know you want him on your side, no matter what.  Hear hear!  To BIRO!

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  1. I suspect he was a homage to Charles Biro of classic golden age comic fame . Crimebuster , Daredevil , Airboy etc . A legend on earth so why not Mongo as well ?