Thursday, February 14, 2013

PB & J

  Peanut Buttuh Jelly Time!  Peanut-buttuh-jelly wid-a-base-ball-bat! x4 to Coda.

  So Becky and I have been trying the local watered-down ketchup of cuisine Colorado Springs has to offer this week.  The day before yesterday we tried PB &Jellies on Tejon St. across from The Famous: a Steak House, tastefully downplaying the Michelin Star quality of it all.

  It claims it's a New York Deli.  Despite a late '90s iPod Mini injected into a small boom-box playing Frank Sinatra and a single photo on the wall of the Brooklyn Bridge, it's pretty much not a NY Deli by any means.  Indeed, the only NY Deli item they have (and surprisingly) is frozen, then deep-fried Jewish knish and microwaved Hot Dogs served with kraut.  Hmph. 

  Still, the place is decent.  Tables are over-sized and there's crayons (I drew a character Jake from my old comic strip Alternating Currents stating, "PB and Yay!" which they promptly posted and taped-up).  There's a ketch of little kid-ness going on, and it's right next to a "medicinal" marijuana place, which is a bit appropriate.  They serve average sized but homemade PB&Js.  You get to pick from a few PBs and a few very VERY watery jellies (more like pancake syrup).  Overly sweet is an understatement.  It's as if a galaxy of sugar did something unspeakable your mouth for an hour.  If you crave sweet, you'll be cured of that here.

  I ordered the Elvis, which is not like the famous one he ordered from Los Angeles and flew into Denver overnight to get the hollowed-out French bread delight.  Instead, it's a club-sandwich-style PB and banana with a little honey.. then.. they add bacon.  It's their only weird sandwich choice.

  I ordered the maple crunch PB which went well with the maple bacon and honey (no, this was not my overly sweet problem as you'll soon read).  The sandwich is then grilled.  Overall it was decent with a side of generic Ruffles wannabe chips.  I've never had such a concoction before.  They suggested a pitcher of Kool Aid to go with it, which was pretty clever a stint, complete with the old-fashioned Kool Aid pitcher design from the '70s.  Instead we opted for Mello-Yello which is actually quite hard to find on fountain-tap.  Becky tried the standard PB&J, maple PB with grape jelly.  Safe.  Still violently overly sweet like a sugar assault tidal-wave of sugary violence-in-the-mouth party not unlike Killer Klowns from Outer Space dangerous.  Diabetics are made here.  Kids'll love it as they contract Type 1-8 diabetes.

  Honestly, it was fulfilling and pretty good and reasonably priced at $12 because once you have it, you'll not have a want for one despite its average size for several weeks or months.  It satisfies and the high workers reminding me of the sea turtle from Finding Nemo are appropriately hired.  Nothing there is too weird.  I myself would have had JIF, Skippy, PeterPan, etc. and a TON of Smucker's varrieties, but they had only like 4 watery jellies which are always on-the-side (odd) and 3 PBs: maple, regular, and crunchy.  Hm.  Still, pretty good.  B+.



  1. "sweet like a sugar assault tidal-wave of sugary violence-in-the-mouth party"

    I have to admit that made me pee a little.


    1. PB &J's is not unlike Pennywise putting his penny-wise in your mouth.