Friday, February 15, 2013

I am the last blogger on Earth

  So I've done a search on the web'r'nets and I've determined I'm the last active blogger on Earth.  I've seen a few start-ups such as diet-oriented blog success (and later I suspect failures due to their demise) and what-not last for a few days a few years ago and then poof, they're gone.  Sure, they start-out with like one post-per-day pretty neatly and then after a month, it's every other day, then one every month, then .. dead.

  It's frustrating.  I can't find anyone else having anything whatsoever to say of any value so I can read another's interesting opinion.  I've seen a few pictorial-based blogs that are pretty active but they're painfully lame, such as, "These are my 2 beautiful boys" about 30 times a month.  Girl, unless they have mutant abilities or fire lazers out of their quadracorn horns, I'm not interested in your self-indulgent, all-encompassing world of parasitic death.  I don't care that you live for a couple of larva that will grow up to resent you despite your best intentions and leave you utterly with your scrap-books filled with failure and despair, ending in a drug-prescribed haze as your kidneys fail and you're put on a dialyses machine, your boys moved on and don't even know your cadaver is rotting in a basement of a smelly Obamacare hospital.  No, ma'am.  Please don't repeatedly show your boring kids with those same vacant eyes as yourself, perpetuating nothingness for all generational eternity, taking up my parking spaces with your fat SUV fatness.
  I want a blogger who can write and write well.  Something a bit sarcastic, a bit harsh, but in good spirit.  Someone who has a soul.  Someone who has something to say.  Someone who's not thumb-buried in their useless ultra-low-qual phone all freakin' day thinking they're making any world of difference ever.  Your phone takes you away from Life, kiddies.  Get out of it and get into Life.  Sigh.  I'm so disgusted with Society right now, happy America is crumbling into rubble as we're fed bread and watch circuses as Rome falls (both literally and figuratively).  WAKE UP and SAY something!  I want to read.  Remember that?  Remember imagination?  ARGGH!  The Zombie Appocalypse has already happened!  Thanks Apple Inc.


  1. Maybe you just missed out on blogging when everyone else cared and had a Livejournal account ten years ago. Now the masses micro blog with Twitter and Facebook. It's not their fault that you hate those sites, it's just the path that the masses have chosen to move on to, Mike.

    1. Well, I looked up "Annoy Mouse" under LiveJournal and I can't find anyone like that. Yeah, I absolutely know that about 5 years ago people moved to Twitter and Facebook, indeed, I did for a year, but that's a bit old now and only teen girls are using that, and the content is usually either "Check out this Movie" or "OMG!1! Strawberries are fun!" The major problem with Twitter and Facebook (I used this when switching from MySpace blogging) is the draconian content size restrictions. For example, my above anger-blog would not fit on FaceBook and Twitter is stuck with half-a-sentence comments, not apt for a creative writer and forcing like George Orwell's "1984" to be short-spoken, though there is a skill in that, it's the difference between a comic strip and a graphic novel series. I could get by with multiple posts and no linking and I did so for a while but I found it constrictive. Still, I adapted for a year and realized FB was cheap and the data-mining (owned 51% by a Soviet now) is dangerous in my profession. FB contained too much trite mini-blog status-crap, and Twitter compels the daft to "Tweet" empty haiku. Can you recommend a blog?

    2. As I side note, I found another blogger (insert Yoda speak: There is.. another.. blog...gerrrr (fades)) This restores my hope in Humankind.