Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snowstorm of the Century

  Here's a picture of outside:

  Schriever AFB's "Snow Line" indicated that, "Road Conditions are now RED.  All personnel are to report on-time."  I'm a little confused at that, indicating perhaps it's WW-III and we need to fight the Final Battle?  Okay then!  Let's fight the good fight!  God for Harry, England, and St. George!

  The drifts are pretty impressive.  Becky had to go out in it, she survived it with Blizzaks just fine, though several trucks, 4WD SUVs and the like were in the ditches, trapped, she said.  Typical for this region that folks think big trucks or 4WD/AWD help in these conditions (actually, they do during start-up from a traffic light by 20% when immediately accelerating, albeit only during acceleration and for about the 4 seconds you're doing it).  It does not give one a spiritual license of immunity to a deficit of coefficient-of-friction on melting snow beneath one's tires.  The top-heaviness almost completely counteracts it.  Ah, paradigm paralysis at it's finest.

  Well, stay in, fellas, if you can, and stay warm.

  On a side-note, I've been getting some spam comments lately, so I've used them for humor purposes.  A lot of them show up from last year, but keep your eyes peeled for previous entries with a lot of comments on 'em for your delight.


  1. It's snowing pretty heavily here, which means that everyone's turned into a huge sissy. Meanwhile I'll keep plowing through the snow in my rear wheel drive sports sedan, because with good tires and a basic knowledge of driving, winter weather is actually not crippling.

    1. I even have it easier. I have Blizzaks on a Saturn Astra XR (Ford Focus clone by Saturn). Driving in this weather I found to be blasse at best. I had a TransAm Firehawk in North Dakota year-round with Pirelli WinterSports with no ill effects for 2 years on the Canadian boarder. Still 4X4 trucks are biting-it, because they can't drive and don't understand driving physics of FWD, AWD, and RWD.

    2. Absolutely ACE. At least SOMEONE here gets it. Good job.

  2. All I know is that I want to fuck that kitty!