Friday, November 29, 2013

I've Got Detention!

"Class Dismissed" by master pinup-girl artist, Gil Elvgren
  I remember "detention" in school.  I went to it a few times for reasons I can't remember.  Silly reasons, sometimes matters of the heart.  I distinctly remember getting in trouble for ditching class once due to "matters of the heart" but it was worth it.

"Spotty Performance": stenographer spills ink by master pinup-girl artist Gil Elvgren

  I'm not a fan of organized control, but teachers in school are required to keep some sort of balance and law.  I don't think "detention" in class helped anyone, ever.  Never made any sort of difference in anyone's life in a positive way I don't think.  Maybe, but I doubt it.  I doubt any fatal victims of ping pong ball accidents made anyone better either.

Brilliant "Harley Quinn" comicon cosplay: The Joker's sidekick from the DC Comics series: Batman

  Here's a collection of some interesting detention slips across the nation.  I particularly like the "kilometer" argument, fifth one down, typed.  Enjoy.

That's it.  Peace-out.

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  1. Oh My God, the detention reports were really funny, thank God none of my students behave like this.