Saturday, November 16, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan


  The Philippines have been devastated by Typhoon Haiyan, which in Japanese means, "Hello Kitty".  Luckily their government isn't corrupt at all so they'll be okay soon.  What's interesting is that there are protesters complaining that we need to hurry up with stopping Global Warming (tm) which, if you are a meteorologist or any sort of science with a lab and math know easily that this is controlled solely by stratospheric perturbations on a global level, such as multiple nukes or rocket launches or volcanic eruptions as well as solar activity which has been increasing over the last 400 years.  Here's a chart:

  As you can see, there were very few Dodge Ram trucks in 1650, but in 2000 that value has skyrocketed!  Obviously, Global Warming is caused by sunspot activity, which are solar flares for the uninitiated, and therefore are directly related to humans not buying enough Toyota Priuses instead of V8 Dodge Rams, hence.. wait for it.. Global Warming (tm) in original Chocolate and now in Strawberry and Vanilla!

  Feel free to print out this sheet when a tree-hugger variety hyper-liberal Obama-sucker starts up with Neapolitan Global Warming (tm) and see if it lines-up.  (It does).  Huh.  Gee wiz.

Real science!

  So what is interesting is that the nay-sayers that are anti-Typhoon Hello Kitty are saying that Global Warming (tm) started this!  But wait.. since a low-pressure system is LESS heat, not more, as warmer air is more dense, we need to RAISE the Earth's temperature to solve this!  This is basic, junior-high-school science.

  So you all should be PRO-Global Warming (tm) and help to increase the Earth's temperature by 5 degrees, making Canada in the winter only minus 35 instead of minus 40 in the winter, and summers may reach as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit there.  This will also increase the food productivity of Russia and Canada and be able to feed more people for the whole WORLD.  A double-WIN!  Not ONLY can we stop Typhoons, but also the majority of landmasses on Earth will be far more temperate, making more fertile land and solving WORLD HUNGER 100%!

Danielle Lloyd asks, "Can we no more ski?"

  So when you meet a blind-sided, non-science-degree, Generation Zero liberal with an iPhone, remind them of the need for more Global Warming (tm) to solve World Hunger (tm) and also to stop Typhoons!

Thanks kids. 

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