Sunday, March 16, 2014

Get Rid of Money / Hopless Crimea

  So I was at a local fast-food restaurant at about 2am as I'm working nights now and the teller asked me, "cash or credit?"  Well, most humans don't carry actual money anymore in America so I obviously indicated "credit" meaning my debit-card to my checking-account of course.  She informed me that they were only taking cash right now.  Luckily I had a few bucks in my wallet for no good reason.  The line was lengthy and I had to wait about 15 minutes or so.  When I got to be the second in-line the guy in front of me didn't even bother to get their food, just drove onward for whatever reason.  The teller looked at me matter-of-fact as I drove up to the window.  I went to gather the few bucks I had and was going to pay and he handed me a rather heavy bag and said, "Don't worry about it."  I paused and started to hand him come cash and he repeated, "Don't worry about it."  Er..  I had ordered something that included a drink but he obviously wasn't going to give me that.  Instead, I was getting a mystery gift.  Well, I've learned if someone's gonna give you a free mystery gift at a drive-up window, it's best for adventure's sake to just accept, so I did, and said thanks, and drove off.

 Inside the bag were about a dozen items, none of which I ordered, but it was interesting a mix of breakfast and lunch items.  Hm.

  Things brings me to wonder why America still uses actual cash money.  It costs the US Mint $826 million annually to make currency, both in coin and "paper".  This includes about 9 liquid tons of ink, labor, cotton (not actual paper), etc.  Money better spent on road repair in my opinion, which I think would give us about 1 mile of I-70 on-the-cheap.

  "Paper" money, and it's annoying coin children are an inconvenience.  Actually acquiring these items is an awkward 1970's method of going to an ATM or an actual "bank" (who's physicality that actually exist is an enigma to me.. who's actually going to a "bank" anymore?) and making a transaction, sometimes for a charge of a dollar or two, though some virtual banks reimburse these costs.  It's an antiquated, silly process.  I guess having physical money makes sense if the "system" breaks down for a few weeks, but there's rarely anything anyone really needs that can't wait.  People can survive without food for over 30 days (I know, I've done this) and tap-water isn't quite deadly these days now that radioactive fluoride isn't shoved through our pipes anymore.  Other than mini-Armageddon it's pointless, and even then could be maintained by a credit-transaction delayed via pen-and-paper once things got up and running again.

  The debit-card makes a ton more sense.  You get robbed on the street for $20, it's pretty much gone.  Virtual money is protected via insurances and you're reimbursed within seconds by a phone call.  Easy peasy.  Places that only take cash should be banished.  It's annoying and inconvenient and a waste.  Get with the 1980's, merchants!  Sheesh.  If your business can't take a debit card, consider yourselves closed.  Thupid Idioths.

  As for Crimea, they're doomed.  Obama will not intervene as he's Putin's shivering Chihuahua with pee-spot underneath, on it's back, neck exposed in a dog-submissive pose.  Many interviews have shown this, and the hour-long phone-call recently between the two yielded a pathetic non-response by America as of late.  Regan would not have stood for that.  Nope.  We won't help, even if begged, thanks to this "I don't wanna get involved with anything international" president (except Afghanistan, what's up with that???).  On a contrary matter,  creating a draft with kids these days would be pathetic as the estrogen in the chicken and beef is so rampant now, most men are effeminatized to be unrecognizable.  Also, the UN should really be involved in this issue.  Unfortunately, the UN is more corrupt than even Putin's regime so it's a mock-defense-force, slow and useless with no honor and no strength like some backwards-knight in Alice in Wonderland.  I'm sure there's a few paladins there, but they're overwhelmed by Count Dooku wannabees.  Sorry Crimea, we hardly new ye.  Good night a-ding-ding-ding-dingggg.


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