Saturday, March 15, 2014


Here's a little aperitif before dinner, a little teaser if you will.  This is from a "Learning Engrish" book in Japan.  Please note the word and then the translation explanation written in both Japanese and English.  Read all the English on the right pages.  Enjoy.

 There's a bit happening in the last one there.  It reads, "Dad's deadly fart caused our mother to lose her mental balance."  I'm interested in why he's standing naked behind her on the couch.  A lot's going on here for this setup to work.  Firstly, "Dad" is naked.  This is a concern.  Furthermore, he's on the couch behind "Mom" doing.. something.  Did Dad go bonkers?  He seemingly ran up on top of the couch, naked and then butt-first farted at Mom.  Dad's not alright.  Something happened.  He obviously lost his job just now after years of work, only a month before getting a retirement pension, now gone forever.  That or he killed a hooker and he accidentally left his wallet at the crime scene and just remembered.  Either way, things happened for it to get this bad.  Dad's gone zany.



  1. Or dad lost interest in mom and started to hump the couch.

  2. Do you know where can I buy this "Learning English" book? Much appreciate it, thanks