Wednesday, September 21, 2011

America's Sweetheart needs our help! Please DONATE.

Casey Anthony, the woman accused of killing her child is bouncing checks and needs our help!  That's why I've created the Casey Anthony Fund to increase awareness of her needs!  Some of you might ask, "Well, if she's not the killer of her child, why has the police stopped investigating the murder?"  One might think that everyone knows that she did it.  She's a lot like John 3:16 where she loved to party (party meaning "sleeping with strange men at random on the floor of a bathroom) so much, that she was willing to beget her only child.

Anyway, Miss Casey Anthony is now having a hard time paying bills for duct tape and such, and it's rumored she's pregnant again and moving to Colorado Springs "Stetson Hills" area and needs money for things, so I've created a DONATE button where you can donate ANY amount of money towards the fund.

Please donate freely and generously so she can start her home business of babysitting and spread the word.
Tell your wife or girlfriend and have her donate too.  We take MasterCard and Visa and PayPal.
By clicking the Donate button you can pay any denomination towards
Casey Anthony Party Fund Awareness.

No one can deny, she loves to party.  Help her now.  She needs our help!  .. to party.

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