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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared - A critical analysis of Ep. 5

  Red-Guy is long-gone.  In Ep.4 we saw that the internet corrupted his knowledge-base by understanding too much and being sucked-in. 

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Healthy Food Ep.6

 Children are affected by the internet.  Bird-Guy and Yellow-Kid sit alone, feeling something is amiss.  They've forgotten Red-Guy existed.  Lots of scenes from previous episodes litter the kitchen.

  A portrait of crayon of all three are sitting at a table, then in the next scene, Red-Guy is outside a window looking in on the picture!  Furthermore, Bird-Guy now has Ex's on his eyes, indicating he's dead!  Is it a warning from Red-Guy who escaped?  He also is represented by the red-phone later as a voice-of-reason to help the other two escape.

  The bread starts singing vaguely about food, steak, eggs, etc.  A can of vegetables also starts singing about food, warning about eating a snack such as cake.  A rowdy steak appears and warns about eating too much of Roy's Flakes or your teeth will turn "grey" (UK spelling of "gray").  Roy's Flakes is a reference to Dad-Roy.  Again, June 19th is present.  This tune is a lot like a lot of food-pyramid junk in the 1970's and 1980's about what to eat and not eat.  The FDA in the US made-up cartoon-like educational programming to get kids to eat certain things.  Unfortunately, the warning were incorrect and the food-pyramid tends to rotate about its axis every 20 years or so.  I remember when egg whites were the "bad" part of an egg in the 1970's, now it's quite the opposite.  Kids were forced to watch this stuff in-between "normal" cartoons as mini-segments created by governmental agencies in the US and UK such as "Time for Timer's A Hanker' for a Hunk of Cheese" and others.  These "Public Service Announcements" littered kid-prime-time Saturday mornings with catchy rhymes and flashy colors.  Most of it is bullshit.  Most of it is now too, and knowledge of what to eat and not eat changes every 5 to 10 years but suckers buy into it:  the weak-minded.  Some elements are true, however, but I've known people to only drink Coke-Classic their whole lives, never drinking water or anything else as a beverage and live to be over 70.  I've seen smokers live to be over 90 and have smoked since they were 8.  Some physiology is different than others.  It all depends on the individual. There's no set truths on that.  Some people do better than others on certain foods and things and the body can adapt.

  Yellow-Kid notices amusedly, "Food is talking!"  Bird-Guy is more confused about the dancing steak and the "healthy" message.  The red phone on the wall rings, and temporarily, Bird-Guy finds himself on an operating table, prepped, with a TV showing his alternate reality and an educational program overhead.  He's then whisked back to the scene in the kitchen.  The Red-Phone here is really the Red-Guy trying to warn Bird-Guy of the danger.

  Steak is explaining how a body is set-up like a house (Red-Guy is looking in through the window, helpless to warn the other two).  Steak says the bladder is in the basement and Bird-Guy is realizing this is all bullshit.  It's funny.  I know sheeple who still think the PSAs were accurate fact but most of it was governmental FDA propaganda.  Some never get to the realization as Bird-Guy does here.

  Yellow-Kid is enthralled and Steak says that good food gets to stay and meet everyone for a party.  (Another obey and get rewarded with a party reference).  Bad food has to leave through the "cat-flap" and is very rude.  Bird-Guy says, "That doesn't make sense." and Vegi-Can sings angrily over him to shut him up.  He's not buying-in to the child-developmental programming like Yellow-Kid since he's growing-up and having self-awareness and realizes it's all BS.

  The reality-Red-Phone rings again but Vegi-Can distracts the call with a snack-rhyme.  Bird-Guy balks but Steak says that the food-groups can be sorted in a chart.  The chart is very interesting.  There's the cigarette/milk group, gel / corn group, fish group, curry group, chicken-leg group, red-squiggle-group, sausage group, fancy-foods, mushroom-group, plain foods, lettuce, cheese, can of veggies, and soup / pepperoni-slices group, and green-apple group.  There's another yellow-gold-stacked-coin group I can't make-out.  Might be french-fries group.  There's a can of food that Steak and Veggie-Can want the Yellow-Kid to eat in the Plain Foods section that later is actually the face of the Bird-Guy.  There's a mouse/rat hole in the wall.

  Steak insists on plain "looking" foods such as bread, cream, white-sauce, and aspic keep the body "ticking-over" just-nicely.  Veggi-Can and Steak scour at fancy, show-offy-foods like cooked-meat, fruit-salad, soil-foods (veggies), and yolk (egg yolk).  These will "plug-up the body with unnecessary detail".  Steak then stabs at the model of the body and says, "Oh, no, look!  It's all broken and on the floor!"  Steak intentionally stabs and destroys the model for effect to prove a point, not unlike PSAs of the 1970's to nail-it-home to force-educate kids on TV.  It's interesting to note Red-Guy tries to manifest himself in almost every scene, as spaghetti, etc., trying to warn Bird-Guy.

  The Fridge starts singing and there's a yellow-sticky on it that says, "Help" and Red-Guy is shown briefly inside the microwave oven. The camera tilts and Dad-Roy is peeking from the corner of the TV studio-set!  Bird-Guy escapes saying he doesn't want to listen anymore.  Things go dark and something is hovering over Bird-Guy in a POV shot with the TV still going-on about pizza.  Pizza is replaced with "plain white sauce" which is what was originally recommended by Veggie-Can.  Steak then says that no, plain white sauce makes your teeth go grey (happily) contradicting himself a few moments ago, adding to the confusion to Yellow-Kid who's alone now with Steak and Veggie-Can, trying to learn.  This is a fine example of how PSAs would contradict each other over time, really messing with '70s and '80's kids' heads.  Our truths were ripped apart on an annual basis by seemingly friendly, animated song.

  Bird-Guy is being eaten alive by food at this point.  

Dad-Roy watches from above

  The Fridge is singing about that everybody's teeth goes grey anyway, and that you just need to eat yeast, another issue about PSAs how it changes and rules and teachings change about health.  Too much yeast makes your teeth go grey as well, so there's the trap.  Steak and Veggie-Can are arguing about onion-paste and a stranger's plate is a bad idea and Red-Guy pops-up as a plate of spaghetti.  Cans of Bird-Guy are everywhere and Yellow-Kid is alone in the dark, fat from eating Bird-Guy microwaved cans (expiration date 19-06).  The red phone rings for him.

  End credits show Red-Guy still alive, walking from work with a briefcase as an adult in the rain.

  This episode is very freaky and there's a lot of hidden parts.  It's of course weird but accepted that food that is to be eaten is convincing the kids what to eat and ends-up eating them from the inside-out.  You can see the red-phone in a booth at the end, the Red-Guy walking from it to try and warn Bird-Guy on the other red-phone.  He's failed or succeeded?  Bird-Guy escapes the lies of PSA mascots but to what end?  Roy-Dad in the phonebooth.
  When Bird-Guy (apparently named Ducky) is being consumed by food, it's an allusion to many people you might know that are consumed mentally by the concept of "eating healthy".  So many folks I know are told by the media that they have to "eat healthy, smart" etc.  Honestly, it's based on the individual's physiology and several other factors, but some get psychotic about certain foods that people tell them is right.  Yellow-Kid is eventually eating what Ducky (as an older friend) is "dishing out".  Then Ducky is gone forever, either dead by faulty but programmed health-food crazes or gone "mentally" so that their friendship is no more.  Yellow-Kid tries to eat what Ducky has dished-out, bloated upon it, but now all alone.
  Not eating from a "stranger's plate" confuses Yellow-Guy further.  He tries to keep-up with the PSA mascots' advice that keeps changing, ie. "Eat plain, white-sauce" then "DON'T eat plain, white-sauce, it'll make your teeth go grey!"  Governmentally-controlled television has done this over the years, changing "what's healthy" every 10 years or so.  Finally, Yellow-Guy eats something NOT a stranger (his friend, Ducky) in desperation to keep-up with mascots' rules, taken-in by the song-and-dances.  Ultimately, he gets fat, and "healthy" advice didn't work.  All lies, the mascots are long-gone.  This was huge in the 1970's and 1980's.  I remember advice contradictory to current health advice back then.  One could argue "we're smarter about it now" but some of the 1970's advice is now 2016 advice, coming full-circle.  If you buy-in to Health-Magazines then you're slave to mind-control.
  There are a lot of theories about this one.  What's yours?



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