Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Generation Snowflake

I'm important!  I just failed all my classes!  Love me because I don't try and I'm evil!  You made me this way!

  Media has become impotent through popular liberal-extremism tip-toeing.  This generation was all told they were "special" and got awards for attendance.  Delicate feelings and thin-skin is the result.  You see it in schools now, parents all taking their kids via car to junior-high, etc.  Bussing is almost obsolete.  Every kid is told their a precious little snowflake; they aren't.  Kids get awards for nothing and are told like some Game of Thrones psychotic prince-king that they are the most important person in the whole world. 

Watch mommy ignore you!  Learn by example, kids!  Daddy ain't comin' home. A smartphone is your daddy now. 

 Exceptionalism is met with disdain, though secretly the coaches and teachers admire kids who can rise above; a few kids pick-up on that and become even more jealous now that their minds are psychotic.  Only now are they leaking into society, this after-Generation Zero crowd, now the Generation Snowflakes oozing into colleges as "Social Justice Warriors" realizing that they're not all that special after-all, and therefore there must be some sort of minority-hatred from "white" older men, any excuse to be that pretty-princess or prince again, that free acceptance, that no-cost, no-effort winning like modern video-games where you re-spawn and can try-again countless times to which kids freak-out in frustration at the slight inconvenience to YouTube viewers' delight, smashing keyboards, cussing incoherently, destroying expensive technology..  Sigh. 

I'm your daddy now!  T-Mobile!
 Parents neglect by not smacking the kid upside the head and taking-away all technology from them, to include those $700 mind-numbing gadgets that reward without strife or effort.  Instant and FREE gratification no matter what.  Pete Holmes says it best here:

  Society as a whole has adapted to Gen Snowflake pretty quickly, accepting any kind of oddball behavior, such as wanting to use the girls' bathroom as a dude, being told they're a unicorn and making unicorn facilities for them to eat properly, food-fad "allergies" undiagnosed medically, and getting managment jobs with no work experience.  Amazing.  

Do we need tolerance?  Sure but we need to draw the line, and that line is Trigglypuff (above).

 Usually these kids end-up working at a fast-food place, however, and do a lot of pills, drugs, or what-not to "cope" with the evil in the world (aka reality).  Pretty sad.  Gen Snowflake's music is pretty sad too, and oh so delicate and empty, just like them!  Yay!  We need a war.. with a draft..  maybe that's why the youth doesn't want to vote Trump?.. because then they'd be expected to have to work for a living.  I'm talking to you PewDiePie!  And.. Trigglypuff (too far.. too far..)

"My .. my dad is a com.. computer!"

Here's Bree Olson, one of my MOST favorite Midwest chippy starlettes..

Chip!  "Hi Mike!  You're pretty awesome!  Let's get a cheeseburger!"

And, of course, for the ladies..

Hi there!  My name is Michael.  I'm in the middle.  Where's the fire?  In my pants!

OUT.  ^

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