Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast.. game?!

Eddie of Iron Maiden fights the Devil and his minions

Came out today on Apple and Android portable systems.  I found to install you have to "deny" not "allow" access to your photos, etc. when you pre-install.  Installation plays instrumentals of Maiden, and the screen has a 3D effect when you tilt-it.  Also, fun comments during install on the bottom, such as "Beckoning souls, Starting the Engines, Flying Like an eagle, Rolling shadows of the night, Sailing away like our fathers before us, Reincarnating Benjamin, Taming the Beast, etc."screaming for you, counting the minutes to midnight, etc."  Fun stuff as it mirrors various lyrics.

I was an early supporter of the game about 8 months ago and became a contributing founder for great Maiden swag coming in a few weeks.  I get to play as a Vampire-Hunter/Assassin instead of leather-jacket/tutorial Eddie, though you can get different Eddies after each world is beaten.

Game is a fast-paced, turn-based RPG.  Though you're not required to make your move, instrumental cuts from the original recordings make you want to respond quickly.  Think Final Fantasy X with various related Iron Maiden tracks in each scene that are relevant in each case.

Those familiar with most (or all) of the Iron Maiden songs, mythos, and albums will adore this game.  I found the "power-ups, evolutions, and level-ups" of various creatures in your party (think Megai-Tensi: Nocturne or Persona more-so than Pokemon due to the demonic nature) you can get into a groove.  Add that with timing-hit-attacks similar to Shadow Hearts: Covenant / New World and you've got some nice interaction.

Storyline is engaging, at least for an Iron Maiden fan as myself.  Music is very good cuts and mash-ups from the first to most-recent album.  Starts out in Christopher Lee's The Wicker Man world with occultists in excellent fashion.  Moving-around is board-game-like.  Combat is Final Fantasy turn-based strategy.  Character leveling is like Nocturne.  One could argue Final Fantasy and Nocturne are pretty much the same combat-system, with a combo-hit option tapping the screen at the right time akin to Shadow Hearts.

Oh, now I'm repeating myself..

Graphically it's best on a tablet.  I'd hate to try this on a phone.  Only for Apple and Android tablets right now.  Rumor has it a PS4 port is coming.

The Iron Maiden mythos is rich with characters and discovery, and the album-art (as seen above is some of the best stuff out-there).

5 Stars for Iron Maiden fans
2 Stars for casual gamers

Here's a chippy..

Wait, what?  Miley do you even 7th Son?

and, as usual.. one for the ladies..


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