Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Acoustic Rain

Been playing my 1985 Custom Ovation electric-acoustic guitar "Rose" lately, and getting into songs like Heart's, "Love Alive" and Men at Work's, "Overkill" which always reminded me of Space Command and my doings in it.  How can it not be?  I'll add some Dr.Strangelove in the solo background for Stratcom.

   I think I'll do versions of those in the near future while I wait for an upcoming progressive release from my on-again off-again band Resonance song, "Dance of Smoke and Mirrors" not unlike Dream Theater's, "Metropolis Part 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper". 
  The tone generated from Rose is sweet and Sylvan, and I'll probably introduce mandolin in the cover of Heart and I might be able to squeeze it into the solo of Men at Work and Resonance as well.  With "Love Alive" I can easily put it at the end as the intro to "Dream of the Archer" as "Sylvan Song" as is on the album, "Little Queen".

  I used to be strictly acoustic tones and no guitar pedals for years in my ancient days, attempting songs like The Beatles, "Norwegian Wood" and other such things (incidentally, a song about a jilted one-night-stand ending in burning down her apartment in spite that actually happened, the wood being "pine".. amusing-ish, if not villain-esque).
  My studio-grade triangle of triangle-summoning by TreeWorks came in, as well as my goat-skinned tambourine of satyr summoning and nymph entrapment and my Phil Collins sand-shaker of Phil Collins-ing gives a silky (shik-a shik-a shik!)  Should be for some summer-night enjoyment for all.  HA ha.. ha.. ohhh.

  Looking forward to recording!  Enjoy the night (as it apparently still belongs to Michelob until someone else claims it..)

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