Friday, July 6, 2012

Thing Ring

  Got my Fantastic Four toy of Ben Grimm as The Thing today.  All guitarists have a toy or two on their rig.  On top of my gear set, I have Hanuman's incantation of see, hear, and speak no evil.  They sit in front of a sodium rock lamp which emits negative ions (supposedly, I haven't seen them, they may exist in the Astral Plane..)

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. 
The incantations of Haunuman

   Now, as depicted below, The Thing embodies, to honor the name of my rig, The Thing Ring (as all my boutique pedals are dangerous and in the effects loop of my Digitech 2112).  A MIDI to USB cable comes in within a few days so I can hook the whole deal up to the Internet and save my programmed patches.  The TC Electronics Vortex Flanger already has a USB connection, however, and is suspiciously sentient with it's tri-flange ability.

Thing Ring, do your THING!

   In the picture, I have them all turned-on again.  All the pedals, the spirit of The Thing stands nicely within it all.  From a top-down perspective, he doesn't get in the way of my activating the Boss Chorus CE-2 pedal, though the Phaser PH-1r (which is insane) requires I move his shoulder to move him aside with my foot a tiny tiny bit.  You'd think I'd put The Thing in the upper-right section, but that's reserved for two more dangerous pedals:  The Ether Frantabit bitcrusher (makes your rig sound like an Atari 2600) and perhaps the Boss Dimension C, though I fear it, and might get the Dimension D or some other pedal.
  With all these pedals turned-on,  I suspect inclement weather within the day.  Yes, Derek, it's my fault (again).  To stop the Colorado wildfires (worst on record) I just kept The Thing Ring turned off.. until .. now.


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