Friday, July 27, 2012

An Inconvienient Lie

  Over the years, media arch-villains have attempted to melt the polar ice caps, causing flooding and worldwide disaster.  From Captain Planet cartoon to Lex Luthor, Dr. Evil, Dr. Doom, and Dr. Jamaica.  (ah, those doctors, see what a jerk a doctorate makes you?)  The idea is either mass-flooding or creating a reverse-greenhouse effect causing an ice-age.

  Guess what, kids?  It's happened, and no one noticed a thing.  Yep.  The Arctic Ocean is completely thawed, and the mile thick ice sheets of Greenland are melted.  Is Denver under water?  Where's Kevin Costner's gills of evolution on newborns?  Nope.  Nothing.  Is it more humid?  Did the water evaporate into space?  Nope. 

  Thing is, most Democrats don't believe in using a scratch-sheet when solving math equations, similar to the Underpants Gnomes.  They see an issue, extrapolate it as far as possible, and without doing more than preliminary math, get a global-fearing end-result.  Pseudo-science for the non-scientists.  Most scientists aren't Democrats anyway so it's hard for the Party to get anyone to agree with them without waving some nice money for the scientists to work the numbers a bit.  You'll see politicians tout doom, but an actual scientist?  The one or two out of 20 million that "sell-out" change their name afterwards, move to another state, and take a long, long hot shower to wipe the filth away from their souls as they lied for money.

  So are the Democrats going to be all like, "Oh, um.. yeah, we were wrong."  Nope.  I doubt it.  It further invalidates them.

  It's a nice, warm summer this year, and the US has been going through a few weeks of a heat-wave to which a lot of the dumbos think is "Global Warming" as opposed to true meteorological science.  Democrats only  base it  on immediate, short-term, local, personal observation.  Thing of it is, mankind cannot affect stratospheric atmospheric conditions that easily except by way of 1) Launching a lot of rockets [creates the equivalent of 100 million car's exhaust, depending on the launch vehicle and its destination] or 2) Nuking a mountain, throwing 100 million tons of ash into the stratosphere.  Cars, trucks, and refineries only create a tropospheric change, and CO2 cannot go above that level as it's heavier than O2.  At best, it can displace it, but at that point, the gaseous sea of CO2 only would be 10 miles high, and we'd be all dead well before that.  If everyone put cars and lined them up on land and sea and ran them at idle for a week, bumper-to-bumper, we'd have about 9 to 12 feet of CO2 covering the Earth to which the cars would stall.  It'd be hard to breathe and we'd have to stand on our cars, until they stalled and the algae would breathe it all and flourish, replacing it with O2.

  Anyone remember when Eyjafjallaj√∂kull in Iceland exploded in 2010?  A few months later we had some Global Cooling.  This is because it's the equivalent of #2: Nuking a mountain.  The plume of gas exploded into the stratosphere.  Feel-good Democrats with liberal-arts degrees changed their tune, saying, "Oh, yeah.  That's what Global Warming does... things get, er, uh.. colder!!!"  Remember that statement?  I most definitely do.  You should to.  It was a huge statement by the Democratic Party as a whole and their lies.  Well, they were wrong again.  It was the freakin' volcano.  Caused Global Cooling by 0.5 degrees for 1 full year; happened right before Marapi in Indonesia also went off in November of that same year to perpetuate the cold.  Stratospheric change on a global scale.  Same thing happened in 1815 on Mount Tambora which became "The Year without a Summer" in 1816.  In 1991, Mount Pinatubo also created global cooling.  So, no, it's not what "Global Warming" does such that it gets cooler.  It's a stratospheric disturbance (in the Force) creating a veil of ash of some variety, be it sulphur dioxide or iron mist.

  So in the last 100 years, the average temperature of the Earth has risen 0.74 degrees F.  Not even a degree.  Currently we're in the peak of an 11-year solar cycle where the Sun get's rather naughty indeed and spits out a lot of solar flares, heating the Earth naturally and expands the atmosphere further out, causing more B-Star coefficient of drag on low-Earth orbit satellites and their debris causing them to burn-in at a faster rate.  Think of it as air-drag like when you put your hand out a car window.  On occasion, some satellite rocket-bodies that are flat get a little lift for a bit and actually extend their orbit, depending on spin rotation of it and other factors.  I did it at Cheyenne Mountain for 2 years, that and collision avoidance for the Space Shuttle, MIR (at the time, though I wasn't as adamant to protect the Russians, but I never fudged a number in-spite) and ISS.  On a global cycle, this is perfectly normal.  I validate myself by keeping everyone in space during those 2 years alive, and had then manuver as-needed.  No Democrat has ever done this because they don't understand math or science, just what feels good, like pot.

  Oh NO!  You see that HUGE ASS SPIKE on the RIGHT?!  Well, okay, look at the temperature scale on the left.  In the last 200 years it's gone up almost a FULL DEGREE!  YIKES!  Now let's consider something else.  In 1816 you see the huge drop in temps of about 0.5 degrees.  What about the Industrial Revolution from 1750 to 1850?  Actually a slight drop in temps EVEN THOUGH we had ALL that huge-ass amount of soot billowing from HUGE, uncontrolled,  coal-burning and oil-burning monstrosities.  Indeed, London was often blacked-out for weeks on-end, smoke-stacks towering black-tar death into the skies blotting out the sun utterly as a sign of progress. The level of output was dozens of times more than we do now.  Read some period pieces at the time and it's mentioned fully.  Oh, I'm sorry, you don't read?  You just trust what people tell you on your iPhone?  Awww.  Is history too scawy for woo?  Idiots.  Please stop breeding. 

  The Democratic Party never does its homework.  They do things that feel right without doing the math.  Let's look at Universal Health Care.  Well, it's a bit of a crock.  I have health-care and let me tell you, it's pathetic.  Hospitals over-charge 1000% so they can make a buck, and more often than not, the health insurance say they pay a large amount of the "bills" but it ends up that you pay all of it.  You see, the hospitals and health-care insurance companies know how to work it.  Say my most recent Influenza H1NA Virus visit: I went in and ended up paying $613 for just the diagnosis and prescription (not the actual medicine) for a visit and follow-up.  I HAVE Aetna Health Insurance.  Aetna said they paid $1000 but I strongly doubt it.  Are ENT doctors making $800/hour?  Most likely not.  Did the test they ran from my snot cost $1600?  Probably more like $16 to include postage.  It's over-inflated so the insurance companies actually never pay-out except in rare surgical instances.  Becky's surgery we ended-up paying out-of-pocket $28,000 after the insurance paid-out a supposed $640,000.  Being there the whole time, again, I doubt the whole thing cost more than the $28k we choked-up in monthly payments.  It's all a scam. 
  SO.. Obamacare as-it-were is NOT free health care.  It's mandatory purchase of health insurance.  Do you think the free health-insurance for the ultra-poor has the user pay NO money?  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Nope, it en-debts them for years.  Might pay 10% out of that 1000% inflated rate, and then the ultra-poor has to pay or have their credit hit rock-bottom as collectors hound them forever and all-eternity, even taking their WIC and Welfare stamps to pay it off.   So we're all required to buy health insurance that doesn't do jack-squat for you and you end-up paying a ton anyway.  It's NOT free.  Regardless, the game the health-insurance companies play will make it seem like a good deal, and the percentage the users actually are "covered" for will be extra taxes.  Not a good deal.
  Now, I'm not against free health care that's subsidized by taxes.  It'd have to raise our tax rate up an additional 20% or so all-around I warrant, and  you know what?  I'm fine with that.  Canada is more-or-less fine with that, though their health-care system is not all roses, and any kind of specialist they need, like for a broken leg or what have you has to be subsidized by EXTRA health insurance they HAVE to buy anyway or pay out-of-pocket.  I'd love a real free health care, but it's not happening with Obamacare, it's just an illusion like man-based global-warming.  It's cyclical and mankind is amazingly insignificant in that global aspect.
  Please pick up your trash though, it's unsightly.
Over and out.

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