Thursday, December 6, 2012

A nice little post and Star Trek Into Darkness

  So apparently the new Star Trek film:  Star Trek Into Darkness is about how the alternate-timeline (ah, not Mirror Universe, sadly) crew have to fight their arch-nemesis of-sorts, based on the trailer that just came out.  I can only assume that JJ Abrams is using his "explosions is a plot" strategy based on what I've seen, which jive really well with the ADHD crowd of kids raised on bovine-growth-hormone and estrogen lovingly chemicaled in their food unbeknowest to them at the time.  Apparently the "nemesis" seems to be Cookie Monster or some stupid, impossible enemy who's "returned".  Since the alternate timeline had no previous nemesis to come back "from", it's most likely an alternate-timeline Cookie Monster.  That's my call.

Cookie Monster destroying Qo'noS

  On another note, I've been in a nutsy computer architectural class where the majority are undoubtedly 50-year-old virgins (no, I'm not quite at-home here).  The subject matter is, for the first time in my life, a bit beyond me, likely due to the requirement of 3 class pre-requisites beforehand that I was not invited to attend.  Imagine going to French III for your first French language class!  Merde!  (Ironically, it's taught by a Mr.Bean-like Frenchman, and yes, all the mannerisms are identical).

  I ordered an "Old Fashioned" at Dave & Buster's yesterday as the bartender was excited to make it and quite proud of his ability on that, so I let him, using Maker's Mark bourbon.  When done, he used Sprite, muddled the cherry (or should I say, cherries, as he used 3 orange slices and 12 cherries) and NO BITTERS.  Tasted like kindergarten.  Pathetic.  It should taste like a slice of pumpkin-pie.  Nope.  Like Sweet Valley High instead.  Blah.  Ordered a double Maker's to wash it down, then had to sit for an hour to stabilize my brain.

  But enough of my syntactical sugar!  I've been working with the band "The 719 Project" on some mild recording issues and it looks like we'll be playing live soon enough, with a likely cover of the band The Cure's song, "Just Like Heaven".  I'll be playing guitar and keys on that one.  Mostly original work sounding (to me) like the band Deep Purple ala 1972's "Highway Star" with a bit of Rush added in-there (how could it not with me on rhythm guitar?)

  Sorry I've been so busy but rest-assured, there will be a finale to the Top-10 movies list, ending with Top 10 Best Movies of 2000 soon-enough!  Stay Tuned for news, weather and Eva Notty.

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  1. Yay! Mike is back! ("Mike of what?!" "That's not funny, Plissken!")