Monday, December 31, 2012

End of Line

  So this is it, the end of the year, or at least what approximations most humans mark as the end of a solar orbit cycle.  U2 always said it best when they sang, "Nothing changes on New Year's Day" (though the rest of the song seems to be of the "love" variety and doesn't really mean much just so it can rhyme).

  Had a good year?  Well, some did, I recon.  I had a rather interesting one myself with no major tragedies nor victories and a few close scrapes.  I refuse to make a revisited list or a "best of 2012" list because I, for one, don't need that.  I know some people do, particularly the shallow, empty kind who really like pop-music but are over age 16.  There's a few "adults" where I work that really really like "Call Me Maybe".  They have no real hobbies.  Sad.  Void music for void folks.  Ah, void people making void kids to a void world of.. void.  The Void Generation (tm).

  Well, it's not all doom and gloom.  There's a few sparkles of hope scattered here and there with people I meet.  People with interesting opinions that are willing to consider others'.  People who know how to use the apostrophe correctly.  People who didn't vote for the DoD to be crushed and make me unemployed and make Adam Ant's song, "This is the USSA" come true.  Shrug.  There's always Australia.  Lex Luthor thought that one out early-on.

  The movie The Hobbit was rather good with some Silmarillion in there for taste.  It was nice to have a Doctor Who actor as "Radagast".

  I think I've carefully maintained my alignment as "Neutral Good", though I'm sure I've slipped here or there once in a while.

  Hope you liked the last few posts of "Best Movies of the Decade" series.  Rather a lot more work than I'd have liked to have produced.  I'll have to think twice before undertaking that one again.  The last bunch got a few grumbles here and there, but I knew this because it was close to home for those who can't remember much so it's all they cling to.  I really can't imagine living in a fog like most humans.  I have usually sharp memory except when it comes to actor's names.  I can remember their character names but the actual actor?  I trip it up from time to time.  Ah well.

  Next year seems to offer a great selection of movies, from the second part of The Hobbit to Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 and others.  Though most know me as a huge Star Trek fan, the next film seems from what I've seen to be a bit too.. "kaboom".  Star Trek has always been a game of chess where Star Wars more of a checkers game.  Still, Disney has Star Wars now and that should prove to be something.  Seems they got their 3rd wind lately.  Tr3n looks also to be promising (aka Tron 3).

  Cheers to you all, and see you tomorrow.


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