Saturday, March 23, 2013

America is Bankrupt


Well, financially, the country is in a bind.  Full-bore democrats are in a glazed denial as they bury their heads in iPhones smoking weed (bread & circuses) and politician smiles salve over economic wounds pretty effectively, and the demoness Robin Meade does it with a cute, nose-crinkled smile and giggle.  I've learned to hate Robin Meade as she detracts from real-world events, such as Syria using chemical weapons (aka mass-destruction, kids) on their own people by way of Scud Missiles or North Korean nukes ready to light up the night sky (easily reaching California techniques to the delight of Russian "president/gangster" Putin who will undoubtedly "send his condolences" and "condemn" such actions "officially" as LA sinks into it's own radioactive juices).  Stupid hippies.  (Note* only Californian hippies are stoopid, but that's historical).

  Regardless of Colorado's X-Treme Democrat moves recently, the world hasn't quite ended.  Heavier gun-control, gay marriage, and marijuana sales (all to be offered at your local 7-11 very VERY soon) don't phase me directly yet.  Eventually it will make my own contractor job very valuable, as Lockheed doesn't allow its employees to be drug users and tests for such.  I'm thinking pay-raise, babe.  Yep.  Weed-out (ahem) the competition easily.  On a good note, we'll see more chicks making out at Safeway food stores, and that's pretty cool.  I'll just watch by the produce section with a trench coat, thanks, making odd, short gestures and .. oh, I'm being escorted out?

  America is morally bankrupt though.  I find TV has caught up with the masses finally in the same clever way it has shaped the '70s and '80s.  The show All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Alice, Knight Rider, The A-Team (I could go on), affected Americans on a medulla oblon-gotta level.  In the '70s, prejudice was rampant even still, though there was an American significant historical change beginning.  Archie Bunker's lampoonish depiction of a bigot made us laugh at his foolishness, which cleverly made us laugh subconsciously at what he believed in.  Over time, his bigotry over several several seasons waned.  The medicine was administered and America slowly took it and the show changed a nation.  It wasn't that good a show, but it was what was on.  With 3 channels to choose, America was dialed-in and we took it and we were programmed by its programming.  Luckily, it was a good thing (good thing... good thing.. good thing.. for the greater good.. for the greater good...[drool, glazed]).   Hate against melanin is a bit silly (a bit silly... a bit silly..) honestly.  Acceptance of other opinions and ways of life promotes an overall peace (peace.. peace..)  It affected us and we obliged.  Similar shows also succeeded in their mission.

 Once Americans accepted this, '80s moral-based structure subliminally seeped-in.  Shows all had a moral compass showing us magnetic north like Knight Rider and Family Ties.  Straglers were given The Cosby Show for dessert and Saved by the Bell, just to make sure some of the late-bloomers of the baby-boomers got a taste of the moral-medicine, and it worked.

Amber really likes cocaine.

  Money became more of a focus though, and sensationalism was more key.  Morality shows devolved into court-drama shows and medical-horror-prime-time events where morality was questioned but usually kept like Chicago Hope, E.R., Street Legal etc.  A few "what do I get" shows started to satire the darker side of life, such as Married..With Children (which I blame for the fall of the morality of American civilization as it was misunderstood) and a few others, catering to the neutral-evil people who were very self-absorbed.  Originally, the show was to despair such antics, but some it became their clarion call, not laughed-at or despaired but actually admired.  This was a problem.

  Hollywood TV execs played off of this immorality choice with shows like Friends and Seinfeld, devolving further into the wrong-side of human nature slightly.  I meet younger folks who reminisce with the '90s but it was a changing-time against morality and I generally abhor it.  A few shows kept the torch like Star Trek Next Generation where morality was a focus, but even the character "William Riker" satisfied the American compass-180 as a self-absorbed "I come first" leader of sorts.

  By the turn of the millennium, reality shows were quite popular, the majority showing shocking selfishness and "what do I get" and "how do I screw over everyone else to succeed" themes.  Evil concepts with evil moral choices like Survivor were king.  The show C.O.P.S. showed villains and TV focused on the infidelities of Hollywood actors in detail.  Popular were scripted talk-shows where the fake visitors would have very evil, selfish lifestyles.  America was inundated with immorality.  It was sometimes fun to watch, but over time, tons and tons of it started to seep-in through the cracks.  Eventually, it melted into our moral fiber.  TV devolved us.  The onslaught was inescapable.  Some channels like ABC Family raged against it, but for naught.  It was too late.

  TV now is almost entirely self-absorbed neutral-evil teachings.  I escaped thanks to Netflix, jumping instead in the early 2000's to try movies from other decades and seeing the morality attempts and such of other years before I was born, keeping a clever eye on it and seeing the subtext.  Fun ride, actually.  I stopped my TV service, cable, Dish Network, etc., around 2005 utterly, barely watching it from 2002 to 2005 at all. 

 Does this make me a cave-man hermit?  Well, perhaps (I do have body hair and no, I'm not emo-shaving it all off like a b*tch), but less affected by the subliminal messages and being controlled by TV like so many others.  There are good shows on, here and there.  Some are entertaining enough.  A few guilty pleasures is the suddenly popular Big Bang Theory and the now final season of The Office lampoon against such neutral-evil tendencies which is now a rarity.  South Park and Family Guy also do so in an animated style, though McFarlane tends to have a strong Democratic liberal agenda, I can put the peas asside on my plate, accepting his opinion without being swayed.  I'm not like most Americans where if I'm told a rhyme in an entertaining way by a comedian with a canned laugh-track I can decide if it's true or not on my own.  I'm not a sucker-victim to "if da glove don't fit, you must acquit" rhyme "Chewbacca Defense".  Yeah, I made my saving-throw.  America did not, however, because they voted Obama.  Suckers.  I expect an HP Lovecraftian Elder god to appear any minute now.  'Till then, I'll watch reruns of Firefly.

Don't be swayed, kids. Make your own opinions and have a moral compass.  Don't do drugs, and be cool, stay in school).


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