Monday, March 18, 2013

More Ado About Nothing

  So the assailant's insurance "Farmer's" has denied the claim against my car  (see Much Ado About Nothing blog).  Thing is, the guy "Dennis Feller" in the baby-blue Mercury Grand Marquis with the "designer plate" of 656-FXO that backed-up into me didn't know that he did it, because he's old and unaware of his surroundings (you know, those Q-Tip types that shouldn't be on the road). 

Farmer's Insurance Agent says since it's therefore his word against mine, he's not at fault.  I mentioned the damage on his rear quarter-panel where he smeared my teddy-bear-hamster gall-bladder of a car is pretty apparent, but that was shrugged off.  Indeed, all four corners of his vehicle are damaged pretty well, meaning his sea-biscuit of a car has smashed others before.  Honestly, a dangerous scourge of destruction on the road.  He gets off scott-free whereas I pay-up $250 and now potentially have my insurance go up.

  I'm going to check with the on-base Security Forces kids to see if we were on surveillance (I'm pretty sure we were) as evidence, though I'm not sure how long they'd keep it on-file, as it's been 3 weeks now.  If I were a clever SF Squadron, at the time of the incident I'd keep that hour on-file for a year, but these guys couldn't print out the claimant form necessary because Microsoft Windows 7 was too hard for them.  I suspect I'm screwed due to incompetency from them as well as my insurance by Geico for not ordering the surveillance video.

  I wonder if "Dennis Feller" is aware of this, or if the insurance agent is crafty to get him out of it.  I recommend everyone get Farmer's Insurance because they're very smart at getting around things to avoid paying-up.  This Dennis fellow probably wasn't aware of his crime, sure.  I suspect not.  I suspect he drives around murdering folks all the time like Mr.Magoo in his jalopy.  I doubt he means malice, just a tool for God to crush things.  I guess I needed a crushing.  Thanks God.

  On a more melancholy note, I watched my Saturn Sky Redline go bye-bye due to a reasonable sale to a Texan USAF CMSgt who had flown-up to buy 'er.  I had the car in immaculate condition, to include detailing the hoses under the hood and even the unexposed leather under the seat.  Pretty perfect.  Interestingly, she had said she ran her through a carwash and had to clean out the inside after 3 days of ownership, which I found odd, though a 1700 mile drive to Texas with a 10 year old kid in-tow could probably do that I guess.  Snacks and all in cramped-quarters for 20 hours can do it.  I'll try not to linger on the thought.  I'm one of those guys that laments a speck of dust on the dash when I notice it and it'll bug me until it's taken care of (though not to the danger of driving, I might swipe at it waiting at a traffic light though if there's a lot of time sitting there).  Fly in the ointment syndrome.

  My Thing Ring guitar pedal board is full-up, and I have a few orphan pedals that aren't invited to the party.  I need to rethink the setup and remove some I never use until my style changes.  I have a Brian May Red Special Pedal that plays great Queen songs, but I never really play a lot of Queen so it sits aside.  One rule is to not have pedals in a chain that aren't used as it degrades the signal.  I think I have 14 of 'em going, with 4 more not included in the mix, as well as a few rack units in-line for other effects and pre-amplification.  I found the Digitech Death Metal pedal to be very noisy though it has true-bypass (thankfully).  I paid $19 for it.  Though it went for $129 new, it's probably worth $9 even with the box.  A Rocktron Silver Dragon distortion is coming-in, as well as a Boss Space Dimension D, both are quite boutique, the former a pedal similar to one I had in 1993 that I miss by the same company, though this version has a nice 12AX7 vacuum tube in it that gets nicely saturated when used (and replaceable, and there's a whole religion on vacuum tube replacements btw).  I'm quite fond of the Tesla JJ-Electronic ones.

  Rode my Ninja 250R today.  Haven't changed the oil yet from last season.  I suspect I'll do it tomorrow.  Bike was hesitant.  The jets are gummed from sitting all winter.  A few miles and some Sea Foam additive will fix that right up.  Nimble.  I make it a point to not ride until St.Patrick's Day.  Several mods waiting to be installed on the garage floor, lighter chain, rearsets, suspension dampener, a soon-to-arrive carbon-fiber exhaust, larger carburetor jets.  Riding was little hard on the wrists from the suspension angle adjustments I had made and the Woodcraft lowering handlebars last year.  Sand is everywhere.  I suspect a lot of folks bit it today and yesterday.  Nice weather for riding.  Bad roads for turning.  I was vigil in braking before sand and turning like a Harley "pussy" rider like one would turn a pedal bike, physically turning the handlebars under 10mph instead of leaning-in at 45mph.  Yeah, I'm pretty awesome.. 

  Not awesome enough for evading insurance lawyer trickery though.  Still, a good St.Patrick's Day despite my insomnia.  The bacon-infused gouda-pocketed cheeseburger with Guinness and whiskey BBQ sauce I made was decent enough, and Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat was decent.

  Still, despite all of this, I have no malice myself towards "Dennis the Menace".  I considered some sort of revengence but abstained, remembering the Karma from My Name is Earl concept.  I'll just back-off.  Things could be worse than better, and it's nice to not have a car-payment anymore.  Hopefully that title will come in the mail in the next few days, and the payment overage as well from GMAC for the Saturn Sky sale which in-turn will pay for my restored Saturn Astra XR "Escape Pod" car, which will eliminate any vehicle payments at all for the summer.  Corvette on the horizon.

That's it.  Ciao. 

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