Monday, March 25, 2013

The Final Battle

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   A co-worker hummed a tune to me, not remembering where it was from this morning around 5:59am in passing.  He thought it might have been a classic-rock offering.  Certainly it sounds like it might be from The Eagles' album "One of These Nights".  I had barely remembered it was from V The Final Battle TV series in 1984.  I remember when V and V The Final Battle came out.  America pretty much stopped during these showings and nothing else was watched.  At school it was discussed by the teachers, the principal, etc.  It was a pretty big deal.  Back in 1983/84 we watched about all of 3 channels with PBS being a distant fourth option (though I got my British fix from there, and the dry, wry humor of Monty Python's Flying Circus and Benny Hill not to mention early, useful Sesame Street and other more obscure, homebrew shows).

  Still, sci-fi, particularly in the '80s was a big deal.  There was a bit of a '50s upbeat revival in the '80s, at least by way of theme and attitude, and the '50s was chock-full of some okay sci-fi flicks (and, arguably, some pretty bad ones too, sorry Ed Wood).

  The show, V, was about how alien visitors would come to Earth and coerce us to think they're friendly but weren't quite so much with alterior motives.  It was revisioned recently on the SyFy channel (aka SciFi channel) with Firefly's Morena Baccarin and an ongoing cameo of the original "hive mother" from the '80s show towards the end.  Sadly, like all cool things, it was canceled (the original was just a 1 week miniseries, something that doesn't exist these days.)  Some good miniseries back then were Shogun, Roots, and of course, V.  There were several, but the mini-series V shut-down America for a week.  It was on every neighbor's TV.  I remember seeing it walking down the street through their windows and sure enough, it was on.


  So, enjoy the theme song.  It's pretty cool, and gives a nice ominous "doom" feeling. I'd say it was inspired by John Carpenter's work that he had done previously. The show was pretty heavy for its time.

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