Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Check's in the Mail

 Sold my Saturn Sky Redline on Friday.  All the paperwork and payment to GMAC (now Ally Financial due to the bankruptcy) was taken care of on 4 March.  They've supposedly mailed-out the title, lien-release form, and overage amount from the buyer (not all at once) to me, but, as they say, "The check is in the mail." 

  I sold it because I sort of fell out of love with the car.  Things just didn't work out, and Corvettes are looking nicer and nicer these days; better to fight Evil with.  I make-out on insurance too.  I'll save a few hundred dollars a month on top of my $700/mo. car payment.  Make for some nice summer breathing-room.  An extra grand a month is gonna be great for a while, until I get the 'Vette; then it'll be back to the same grind.  'Till then, I'll be able to pay-off just about anything else scratching at my door and be debt-free (except for the house loan, I pay that off in the year 4545).
  Ah, to wait and wait and wait.  $5k is pretty significant a sum, well at least for me anyway.  Honestly, it doesn't matter for GMAC.  They got their money.  The paperwork is an afterthought for them, and the check for the overage (I made-out $5k on the sale) they'll certainly take their sweet time on.  10 business days?  More like 20.  "It's in the mail."  Sigh.

  You know, we ourselves have used that line a few times in our existence, from griping collection agencies, utilities (who end up being not so nice about things).  In this cyber-digital age, it's weird to sometimes be slave to snail mail, but there it is, and we still use the same archaic form of vernacular that's almost unrealistic now.  I can transfer funds from one place to another with a few keystrokes (some methods more secure than others, but none less secure than the threat of tampering with the US Mail Service oh no!)  Unless there's Cerberus guarding the parcel, it's about as unsecured as possible if you think about it.

  So still I wait, and I get that age-old line, "The Check's in the Mail".  Indeed.

..really?  You looked all the way down her gamms?  Shame on YOU!  Tsk.


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  2. Ha ha ha ha!

    So patient with the bots...

    Are you off this weekend? Per chance you was wanting to experience roller derby some?

  3. You can look all the way down my gamms!