Monday, November 25, 2013

Knockout Game

  A recent "popular" stunt with kids these days is the "Knockout Game" also known as "Polar Bear Hunting" where kids will sucker-punch an unsuspecting stranger seeing if they can knock-out the victim in one punch.

Victim of the "Knockout Game" 2013.

  I think this is fine fun for the whole family.  I think Milton Bradley came up with this back in the 1960's called Bash.

 Lovely idea to cold-clock someone innocent.  Half dozen murders occurred to date, which isn't too bad if you think about other fun things to do, like surfing or driving I-95 which had several hundred last year.  I-95, the True Killer.  Let's start a War on I-95!

  Interestingly, most of the 6 victims have been around my age (mid '40s).  I'd like to argue my head is rather thick so if you're just using your fist, you might have a challenge, young'un's.  Please be prepared for some fun retaliation in-kind, however, as I am one of the few people on Earth who brought a Ninja costume to Blarney Castle in Ireland (fact). 

  I'd rather enjoy the exchange of fisticuffs, because being Irish I have a well inside, a well that at the bottom is a white-hot-lava-filled sea of anger and hatred I've kept corked-up for 40-plus-years. Kept quiet through martial-arts discipline and I can draw from this cornucopia of white anger and hate at-will, and it never ends.  It never ends.  It just builds and builds and builds and can make Marvel's Hulk cringe in fear, and it won't stop, and I won't stop, or forgive.  Pray God takes you. 

 Others my age have bottled hatred too.  Many other I know.  Many.  Hope you sucker-punch one of 'em and they don't get back up, because you don't know the depths of hells that can exist for you, and how many of us carry chloroform or small vials of acid and what magics those things can perform over years, and we dream about the hope that you'll come, and we can teach you what true suffering is.. in the basement, where no one can hear you, except everyone in the town is in on it, and they join in like in the movie Breakdown.  Treat!

  Ah, yes.  Fun!  So this goofy act of violence seems to have replaced "planking" which I rather liked, but is arguably more hazardous.  Remember kids, if it isn't dangerous, it isn't fun! 

  Have you ever seen the supernatural?  Have you seen a ShadowMan or an Ifrit?  Have they haunted you with malice?  Creatures of Elemental Evil that exist in our dimension but don't belong in our universe.  Waiting.

There are some things you do not yet comprehend, Knockout Game player. 

Robotic head near dark-side of Moon found 2005. 

  Let's play the Knockout Game together, kids, but beware of the Night Snake.  He comes.. in the night.. and I have a special clown costume to show you how it's done.  A special one.
  Sweet dreams, Knockout Kids!  Yay!  : D

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