Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2009!

 Well, it feels like 2009 by my reckoning.  I think I'll sign all my checks "2009" (or 1997.. Now.)  It was time I sell my 2008 Ninja 250 for a 2009 CBR 600RR/A (as it is 2009 after all).  The bikes feel similar in most respects but the RR has more pull (of course) and a tad more comfortable (interestingly).  The 2005 Superhawk 996 I miss a bit, but it was time to move-on.  This 600RR should be my last bike, just as the Corvette will be my last car.  Both are fine and at my age can respect the technologies.  Both have no limitations or issues, though the RR is a bit banged-up I got for quite a steal, I'm an ace with a wrench.  Mostly cosmetic issues, a few scratches.  Plastics can always be replaced (and will be as-necessary).  The chain was dry-ish.  She'll need some TLC.

  Becky and I were going to go to Cripple Creek in the mountains but opted instead (my idea) to drive to "Big Johnson" Reservoir and sip hot cocoa (in the dark night) and watch Pike's Peak launch-off fireworks to bring-in the new year.  There may have been kisses involved but I'm not telling as I'm not a kiss-and-tell kinda boy.  Orion was high in the sky through the skylight of the car and Lepus was prominent.  The Night of the Lepus!


  Can you believe the Earth is 2014 years old now!  Wow!  LOL-Zeeee! Oh Emm Geee!  Yay!  We won!  Hang, on.. my 'Bama-phone is ringing...

  So I'm sure you've made your resolutions.  I'm loathe to hit my local gym for a week or so, though a part of me wants to see the heavy-set chaos of fat-ism suffer as they over-do it and then surrender their membership cards.  Nice and easy is the key.. and persistence.  Still, lots of chippy-monkies huffin' in sweats ready to drop, "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" (Insert swooping juicers announcing, "Daddy LIKE!")

  My Blackbird SR71 booster pedal came in and the manual indicated it's weight as 2 pounds then (on Earth) oddly in parenthesis.  Further on, 2 x 10^9 pounds (on a neutron star).  A neutron star is essentially a black-hole (though there are some that don't understand they are the same, not a wormhole to another world, but a very very dense star compacted and near-infinite gravity, bending light and such).  I contacted the UK manufacturer "Phil" online and he was glad I was the only one that noticed this and that he was a nerd like myself and we had a good chuckle.  I have a new pedal board and it's way too heavy and too big, like a coffin demonic.

  So in 5 more years, the movie Blade Runner will be a reality and Los Angeles will house the mega-complex Tyrell Corporation and it will rain radioactive, sperm-corrupting death and all animals will die-off.  Neat-o!  I just got the "Theatrical" version which has the voice-overs of Harrison Ford gumshoe-style 1940's which I alone prefer.  Win!

  Nothing much else to say, just popping-in to say hey.  Here's some cool upcoming movies for you to consider, such as Black Panther, Dr.Strange, and The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad as well as an all-star cast of Noah with horrible, cheap CGI!

Black Panther "bitch-slaps" Tony Stark for being a wuss.

Happy 2009!

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