Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thing Ring Revelations

  So I received the PedalTrain Grande the other week and got some time to install all my pedals, of which I promptly blew an inline internal fuse thanks to Behringer's Harmonizer.  I need to find a more "robust" plug.  In the meantime I'm using a Chinese plug that has a bit of inline noise though mostly imperceptible.

  The Blackbird preamp pedal is quite nice and boosts richly when needed with 3 12AX7 vacuum tubes for extra creaminess.

  A final, noise-reduction pedal near the end is needed.  I think the Decimator II will do nicely in a few months, but it's somewhat pricey. 

Behold, The Thing Ring!

  Please take note of the "Freeze" pedal in the top left.  Connections go from bottom right to left as follows:

Boss Octaver OC-2 (Japanese vintage)
Behringer Harmonizer US600
Mooer Acoustikar
Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer
Boss Super Feedbacker & Distortion (vintage)
MXR Fullbore Metal Distortion
ProCo Rat Distortion (Rat2 1988)
Rocktek Distortion (cheap and gritty)
MXR '78 Badass Distortion
Boss Metal Core ML-2
Rocktron Silver Dragon Distortion

(next row up, right to left)

Effectrode Audiophile Blackbird SR71 Preamp and Distortion
Boss EH-2 Enhancer (used for loss in the signal chain to this point)
Boss Dimension C DC-2
Boss Digital Dimension (aka Dimension D) DC-3
Boss Chorus CE-2 (Japanese vintage)
Boss Phaser PH-1R (Japanese vintage)
Toadworks Barracuda Flanger (Heart's Howard Leese signature edition)
Mooer Shimverb Reverb
Electro-Harmonix Freeze
Artec Analog Delay


This all goes up into my rack system, through the Digitech 2112 where I usually add:
5-cent stereo Detune
light bit of 12ax7 Preamp boost
light bit of Noise Reduction
Though I also can add other effects, they are not "boutique".  I have on "The Thing Ring" setting immediate access of:
Stereo Chorus
Digital Stereo Delay
Solo Boost 5 db
Digital Wah-Wah
Time Warp (plays backwards what I play)
(I can access others...)

This then goes into a:

TC 1210 Electronics Spatial Expander Chorus/Flanger (vintage):

Roland SRV-330 Dimensional Space Reverb:

BBE Sonic Maximizer 882i (used for loss in the signal chain):

Behringer Ultragain Pro Preamp 12AX7 Tube (for analog boost and warming the digital signal):

Finally, into the computer interface:
PreSonus 22VSL:

Recording with:
PreSonus Studio One


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